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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Aura

Aura signifies “breeze” or “soft wind.” It is a name with Latin and Greek roots. It is said to be the diminutive form of Aurora and Aurelia, which have Latin roots. The name is quite popular in English, Spanish, Italian, and Finnish dialects.

The goddess of winds in Greek mythology is called Aura. The goddess Aura is a minor god in Greek and Roman mythology. However, Quintus Smyrnaeus claims that the Aura is the daughter of Boreas, the North wind. On the other hand, Nonnus claims that Aura was the daughter of the Titan Lelantos and the mother of Dionysus of Iacchus, a minor divinity associated with the Eleusinian rites.

Aura was considered a citizen of Phrygia and the goddess Artemis’s friend. She was viewed as a manlike virgin who did not know Aphrodite, and this opinion spread like the wind. She was also called the huntress since she killed roaring lions and ferocious bears while avoiding the stereotype of a weak girl in battle.

Aura is also a crucial character in the tragic tale of Cephalus and Procris, as told by the Augustan poet Ovid in the Ars Amatoria and the Metamorphoses. Moreover, there are several Aura inscriptions present to date. The earliest is a skyphos from Taranto dating to the 5th century BC that is currently on display in the Nicholson Museum at the University of Sydney. It depicts a person named “Aura” sitting on a rock by the sea and wearing a billowing robe that creates an arch overhead.

This name has several well-known phonetic variants, including Aure, Aurea, Auria, and Ora. Princess Aura is a fictional figure that appears in the Flash Gordon comics and television shows. Throughout the several film and television versions of Flash Gordon, she has been played by different actresses. Carlos Fuentes, a Mexican author, originally released his novel Aura in Mexico in 1962. This book is considered magnificent literature for its unique treatment of “dreamlike” topics and the character’s portrayal of “double identity.”


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They are soft and gentle breeze; energetic and optimistic
Greek, Latin
 A..  Aa..  Aah..  Aar..  Aer..  Ahi..  Ara..  Are..  Arh.. 

How To Pronounce Aura?


Famous People With The Name Aura

  • Aura DioneDanish singer and songwriter who is best known for the single “I Will Love You Monday” that achieved over 80 million video views and was certified platinum
  • Aura Kenny DunnAmerican Republican Party politician who represented the 25th Legislative District in the New Jersey General Assembly
  • Aura TwarowskaRomanian mezzo-soprano who was soloist of the Romanian Opera in Timișoara and at the Vienna State Opera

Aura On The Popularity Chart

The name has been in an almost same position and seen the same amount of popularity throughout the years. These graphs below depict the fluctuation in its popularity and rank.

Popularity Over Time

Since 1980, the name has been in a stagnant position in case of popularity. But since the year 2011, this name started gaining popularity among parents.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

From 1990 to 2010, the ranking of Aura was between 2000 and 3000 in the US baby name charts. Since 2012, the ranking has seen to be increased gradually for this name.

Source: Social Security Administration

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