84 Australian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Ethanstrong or gift of the island.Boy
HarperOld English - Harp player; Harp, Harpar, Harpo and Harpor are few variants of HarperUnisex
HenryEstate rulerBoy
JackOne who thinks that the God is graciousBoy
JamesOne who underminesBoy
LucasOne who gives lightBoy
MasonA person who works as a stoneworkerBoy
NoahRelaxation, restful, harmony, calm.Unisex
OliverThe one who represents the emblem of peace or olive tree.Boy
AariMountain of StrengthBoy
Aashifthe one having a confident character or being courageousBoy
AchrafMost Honorable One; A variant of AshrafBoy
AdamiMy Man; Red; Earthy; HumanBoy
AdamoSon of Red Earth; First man to come to lifeBoy
AdamsonSon of Adam; A derivative from AdamBoy
AddeNoble; Kind; Wise; PoliteBoy
AddiA Variant of Adde; Noble; NobilityBoy
AimoFinnish - Generous Amount; Fair-sized; Proper; Good;Boy
AlleDefender, protector, HelperBoy
AutonAn Oak settlement; hardworking and family orientedBoy
AvgoustinosOne who is global and has broad visionsBoy
BastiaanVenerable; ReveredBoy
BayramCelebration; Religious FestivalBoy
BayuThe WindBoy
BrakOne who is covered with spots or frecklesBoy
CesThey are natural leaders, teachers and fragileBoy
CumaThe one who bears ChristBoy
DainenA kindhearted individualBoy
DanianFamous warriorBoy
DaymionTalent; a clever and deep minded individualBoy
DenayeA determined person; cute oneBoy
DenbeighA honest masterBoy
Euroaa place in Australia.Unisex
GahName for a sword and pondBoy
GefRefers to one of the sharp weapons, sword.Boy
GelarRefers to male sibling, brother.Boy
GhyAustralian name meaning a pond or a poolBoy
GieGie is a male name of Australian origin. Rarely used as a first name, but a common surname.Boy
GonGon are passive, friendly and easy going. They have imaginations and ideas to lead life.Boy
HarwellWell for stagsBoy
HarwillWell for male dear (stags)Boy
HastieSon of austere manBoy
HimarMale Ass; DonkeyBoy
HimyarFirst Ancestor of the Tribe of Bani Saba to which King Zahhak BelongedBoy
Jimithe name fits to those who are independent , have urge to face new challenges in life and nenjoy their life. They are creative and focus on their physical appearance.Unisex
Jimmthey are dynamic and cheerful person with bright and straightforward attitude. They posess the emotional nature and generous.Boy
Jimmepeople with this name are stubborn and often hurt people. they do not have stable attitude and are not focused towards their life or goals.Boy
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