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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Avi

Avi primarily originated from Hebrew. In the Hebrew language, Avi means ‘Father’ or ‘My God.’ Avi is the diminutive form of the Jewish name ‘Avraham.’ The name also has its origin in Sanskrit, which defines Avi as ‘sun and air.’ This definition symbolizes the idea of light and warmth in life and the world. Hence, it is an elemental name in Indian culture.

Avraham, also spelled as Abraham in English, is the first Hebrew patriarch and the sole representative of the monotheistic religions, which include Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. These three faiths are also called Abrahamic religions. According to the Bible, Abraham is the ‘father of the nation.’

The masculine name has different alternatives and nicknames. For instance, it is often used as Aveen, Avior, and Aviel in Hebrew. On the other hand, people consider Avi as the nickname for different Indian names, such as Ravi, which also means ‘the sun.’ Thus, individuals often appraise the name as simple yet refined and wholesome.

Avi has been widely adopted by the people of Israel since the 1950s, whereas the utility of the name in the USA is limited. Besides, the name has spread to various corners of the globe, such as France, England, Wales, and Bangladesh.

The name Avi also appeared in various works of fiction. For example, Grand Theft Auto Online is a virtual action-adventure game, where you will find a character named Avi Schwartzman. In addition, the name  Avi was featured in one of the webtoons as a character in the Japanese manga series. In the popular action film John Wick, Avi was portrayed as a crucial persona. Moreover, a 16-minute short comedy film Avi directed by Ishtvan Nekrasov was released in 2022.

The short and sweet name Avi can add charm to your baby boy’s personality.


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A fantastic father; loving and charismatic
 A..  Aa..  Aab..  Aah..  Aba..  Abb..  Abe..  Abh.. 

How To Pronounce Avi?


Famous People With The Name Sandra

  • Avi Arad Israeli-American film producer, CEO and founder of Marvel Studios
  • Avi (Edward Irving Wortis) American author of children’s and young adult books, awarded with Newbery Medal
  • Avi Benjamin Kaplan American-Jewish singer and songwriter, known for basso profondo range and winning three Grammy Awards
  • Avram David Avi Lewis Canadian documentary-filmmaker, best known for his documentary “The Take”
  • Avi Nesher Israeli film producer and director, best known for his film “Past Life”
  • Avi Wallerstein Canadian ophthalmologist and surgeon, best known as the Co-founder of LASIK MD, Canada’s largest laser vision correction provider

Avi On The Popularity Chart

The name Avi has been familiar to all parents for the last few decades. Have a look at the data below to analyze its performance.

Popularity Over Time

The name Avi has seen consistent growth in its popularity since the 1980s. In 2021, 310 babies per million were given this name.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The ranking of Avi has dropped since the 1980s and its lowest-ever rank of 21,795 came in 2007. Check out the graph below.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Avi

There are plenty of names carrying the same sound as Avi, which you may find in the below list.

Name With Similar Meaning As Avi

In case you want to search for name variations that denote the same meaning as Avi, you may consider the following names.

Name Numerology For Avi

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