122 Aztec Baby Names With Meanings

When it comes to selecting a baby name, it’s always wise to go back to the basics. The Aztecs might be dead long ago, but they are alive with us in several ways, including being a rich source of unique names for your child.

Aztecs people were ethnic groups found in Northern Mexico in the 16th century. They are believed to have been originated from Aztlan, a mythological place for the Nahuatl speakers. The term Aztecs also referred to the people of Tenochtitlan, which is now the Mexico City. It was in Tenochtitlan; the Aztec Triple Alliance was built upon raised islets in Texcoco lake. This was the first instance of artificial islands. The capital flourished soon and was soon inhabited by over 200,000 inhabitants. The inhabitants were divided into several strata, like the nobles, rules, commoners and slaves.

The Aztec people had complex and rich mythological and religious traditions. Much of their history and culture can be known through the archaeological evidence found in the excavations of the Templo Mayor in Mexico.

Just like the culture and tradition, even the Aztec names carry a rich history. Below MomJunction has compiled a list of distinctive Aztec baby names with meanings. Pick your favorites below.

AcalanA small narrow and long rowing boatBoy
AcuecucyoticihuatiName of the Aztec goddess of the oceanGirl
AhuatziSmall oakBoy
AhuicName of the Aztec goddess of the running water in rivers, streams, and wavesGirl
AnacaonaGolden flowerGirl
ApozanolotlName of the Aztec goddess of purityGirl
AtlacamaniThe Aztec goddess of stormsGirl
AtlacoyaName of Aztec goddess of drought.Girl
AtlatoninName of Aztec mother-goddess.Girl
AyauhteotlName of Aztec goddess of the haze and mistGirl
ChalchihuitlcueShe of the robe of green jewelsGirl
ChalmecacihuiltName of Aztec goddess of the underworld.Girl
ChanticoShe who dwells in the houseGirl
ChicomecoatlSeven snakesGirl
ChiconahuiName of Aztec hearth-goddess.Girl
CihuatonLittle womanGirl
CipactonalProduction of the dayBoy
CitlalicRising starGirl
CitlalicueStar garmentGirl
CoyolxauhquiGolden bellsGirl
CualleeSpelling variation of Cuallea, meaning good.Boy
CuetzpalleaAztec term for lizardBoy
CuetzpalleeAn alternate spelling for Cuetzpallea. It means lizard.Boy
EztliAztec name meaning "Blood"Unisex
GuatemocFalling eagle or Descending eagle in Nahuatl. It has many variations, such as Cuathemoc, Cuauhtemotzin or Guatimozin.Boy
HuixtocihuatlName of Aztec fertility goddessGirl
IlamatecuhtliName of Aztec fertility and death goddess.Girl
IlhicaminaHe who shoots arrows at the skyBoy
ItzcaliHouse of beautyBoy
ItzcoatlObsidian serpentBoy
ItzpapalotlObsidian butterflyGirl
ItztliObsidian knifeBoy
IxcuinameFour faces or four sisters.Girl
MatlalihuitlGreenish-blue featherBoy
MetztliGoddess of nightGirl
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