125 Aztec Baby Names With Meanings


When selecting a baby name, returning to the basics is always wise. The Aztecs might have died long ago, but they are alive with us in several ways, including being a rich source of unique Aztec baby names for your child. These names beautifully reflect the cultural essence and vibrant heritage of the Aztecs. Aztec people were ethnic groups found in Northern Mexico in the 16th century. They are believed to have originated from Aztlan, a mythological place for the Nahuatl speakers. The term Aztecs also referred to the people of Tenochtitlan, which is now Mexico City. It was in Tenochtitlan; the Aztec Triple Alliance was built upon raised islets in Texcoco Lake. This was the first instance of artificial islands. The capital flourished soon and was soon inhabited by over 200,000 inhabitants. The inhabitants were divided into several strata, like nobles, rules, commoners, and enslaved people. The Aztec people had complex and rich mythological and religious traditions. Much of their history and culture can be known through the archaeological evidence found in the excavations of the Templo Mayor in Mexico. Just like the culture and tradition, even the Aztec names carry a rich history. Aztec naming culture usually consists of two elements- a calendar name taken from the baby's birth date and a personal name followed by a surname. Their close association with nature can be seen reflected in their names. Boys usually have names inspired by animals, places, and personal qualities, such as Tochtli, meaning rabbit, and Itzcoatl meaning obsidian serpent. While girl names usually reflect inspiration from flowers and other feminine elements. For instance, Atzi is a feminine name meaning rain, and Miyaoaxochitl means Maize tassel flower. The post below has compiled a list of distinctive Aztec baby names with meanings. So, whether looking for a unique yet meaningful or a name with rich historical association, Aztec baby names are worth exploring.

heart image Acalan Baby Boy Sign Boy A small narrow and long rowing boat
heart image Acuecucyoticihuati Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of the Aztec goddess of the ocean
heart image Ahtziri Baby Girl Sign Girl Queen of the sea; Goddess of the sea
heart image Ahuatzi Baby Boy Sign Boy Small oak
heart image Ahuic Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of the Aztec goddess of the running water in rivers, streams, and waves
heart image Amoxtli Baby Girl Sign Girl Book
heart image Anacaona Baby Girl Sign Girl Golden flower
heart image Apozanolotl Baby Girl Sign Girl Aztec Goddess of purity
heart image Atlacamani Baby Girl Sign Girl The Aztec goddess of storms
heart image Atlacoya Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of the Aztec goddess of drought
heart image Atlatonin Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of the Aztec mother goddess
heart image Atzi Baby Girl Sign Girl Rain
heart image Ayauhteotl Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of Aztec goddess of the haze and mist
heart image Chalchihuitlcue Baby Girl Sign Girl She with the robe of green jewels
heart image Chalmecacihuilt Baby Girl Sign Girl Aztec goddess of the underworld
heart image Chantico Baby Girl Sign Girl She who dwells in the house
heart image Chicomecoatl Baby Girl Sign Girl Seven snakes
heart image Chiconahui Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of Aztec hearth-goddess
heart image Chimalley Baby Boy Sign Boy Shield
heart image Chimalli Baby Boy Sign Boy Shield
heart image Chimalma Baby Girl Sign Girl Shield-bearer
heart image Chipahua Baby Girl Sign Girl Clean
heart image Cihuaton Baby Girl Sign Girl Little woman
heart image Cipactonal Baby Boy Sign Boy Production of the day
heart image Citlalee Baby Boy Sign Boy Star
heart image Citlalic Baby Girl Sign Girl Rising star
heart image Citlalicue Baby Girl Sign Girl Star garment
heart image Coyolxauhqui Baby Girl Sign Girl Golden bells
heart image Cozamalotl Baby Girl Sign Girl Rainbow
heart image Cuallea Baby Boy Sign Boy Good
heart image Cuallee Baby Boy Sign Boy Spelling variation of Cuallea, meaning good.
heart image Cuetzpallea Baby Boy Sign Boy Aztec term for lizard
heart image Cuetzpallee Baby Boy Sign Boy Alternate spelling for Cuetzpallea; Lizard.
heart image Cuicatl Baby Girl Sign Girl Song
heart image Etapalli Baby Girl Sign Girl Wing
heart image Eztli Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Aztec name meaning Blood
heart image Guatemoc Baby Boy Sign Boy Falling eagle; Descending eagle
heart image Huitzilin Baby Boy Sign Boy Hummingbird
heart image Huixtocihuatl Baby Girl Sign Girl Aztec fertility goddess
heart image Ichtacka Baby Boy Sign Boy Secret
heart image Ilamatecuhtli Baby Girl Sign Girl Aztec goddess of fertility and death
heart image Ilhicamina Baby Boy Sign Boy He who shoots arrows at the sky
heart image Itzcali Baby Boy Sign Boy House of beauty
heart image Itzcoatl Baby Boy Sign Boy Obsidian serpent
heart image Itzli Baby Boy Sign Boy Obsidian
heart image Itzpapalotl Baby Girl Sign Girl Obsidian butterfly
heart image Itztli Baby Boy Sign Boy Obsidian knife
heart image Ixcuiname Baby Girl Sign Girl Four faces or four sisters
heart image Ixtli Baby Girl Sign Girl Face
heart image Matlalihuitl Baby Boy Sign Boy Greenish-blue feather
heart image Metzli Baby Girl Sign Girl Moon or Lunar
heart image Metztli Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess of night
heart image Mictlantecuhtli Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord of Mictlan
heart image Miyaoaxochitl Baby Girl Sign Girl Maize tassel flower
heart image Mizquixaual Baby Girl Sign Girl Mesquite face paint
heart image Montezuma Baby Boy Sign Boy The archer Lord in an angry state; The last ruler of Aztec
heart image Nahuatl Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Goddess of Water and rivers
heart image Necahual Baby Girl Sign Girl Survivor
heart image Nenetl Baby Girl Sign Girl Doll
heart image Netzahualcoyotl Baby Boy Sign Boy Hungry coyote
heart image Nochehuatl Baby Boy Sign Boy Constant
heart image Nochtli Baby Girl Sign Girl Prickly pear fruit
heart image Ocotlan Baby Boy Sign Boy Pine
heart image Ohtli Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A person who is a champion; Son of Neil
heart image Patlea Baby Boy Sign Boy Medicine
heart image Patlee Baby Boy Sign Boy Medicine
heart image Patli Baby Girl Sign Girl Medicine
heart image Quetzalli Baby Girl Sign Girl A large beautiful feather
heart image Tayanna Baby Girl Sign Girl Aztec name; Suray
heart image Teicuih Baby Girl Sign Girl Younger sister
heart image Teiuc Baby Girl Sign Girl Second-born
heart image Tenoch Baby Boy Sign Boy Stone; Prickly pear cactus
heart image Tlachinolli Baby Girl Sign Girl Fire
heart image Tlanextic Baby Boy Sign Boy Light of dawn
heart image Tlanextli Baby Boy Sign Boy Radiance or splendor
heart image Tlazohtzin Baby Girl Sign Girl Little necklace of flowers
heart image Tlilpotonqui Baby Boy Sign Boy Feathered in black
heart image Tochtlea Baby Boy Sign Boy Rabbit
heart image Tochtlee Baby Boy Sign Boy A variation of Tochtlea; Rabbit
heart image Tochtli Baby Boy Sign Boy Rabbit
heart image Toltecatl Baby Boy Sign Boy An artist or a creative person
heart image Tonalnan Baby Girl Sign Girl Mother of light
heart image Tonantzin Baby Girl Sign Girl Mother earth or the mother Goddess
heart image Tonatiuh Baby Boy Sign Boy Sunshine
heart image Tonauac Baby Boy Sign Boy One who possesses light
heart image Tototl Baby Boy Sign Boy Rabbit
heart image Tozi Baby Girl Sign Girl Aztec goddess of healing and sweet water
heart image Tupack Baby Boy Sign Boy Warrior
heart image Tupoc Baby Boy Sign Boy Warrior
heart image Ueman Baby Boy Sign Boy Venerable time
heart image Xicohtencatl Baby Boy Sign Boy Angry bumblebee
heart image Xihuitl Baby Boy Sign Boy comet
heart image Xilonen Baby Girl Sign Girl Hairy one
heart image Xiloxoch Baby Girl Sign Girl Calliandra
heart image Xipil Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble one; Of Fire
heart image Xipilli Baby Boy Sign Boy Jeweled prince
heart image Xitllali Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess of the moon
heart image Xiuhcoatl Baby Girl Sign Girl Comet
heart image Xiuhtonal Baby Girl Sign Girl Precious light
heart image Xiutecuhtli Baby Boy Sign Boy Gentleman of the fire
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Our hand-picked collection of Aztec baby names with meanings includes several options to help you choose a unique, beautiful, and meaningful name for your baby. So, whether you're interested in names with historical backgrounds or admire the rich culture and traditions of this Mesoamerican culture, giving your baby an Aztec name will indeed reflect your passion and interest. So, explore and browse this carefully crafted list of baby names with your partner to find the perfect name for your cherished child.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Aztec names mean heart?

Some Aztec names that are associated with the meaning ‘heart’ include names such as Xochiyotl, meaning ‘heart of a gentle flower,’ Yoloxochitl meaning ‘heart flower,’ Tepēyōllōtl meaning ‘heart of the mountains,’ and Yolotli or Yollotl meaning ‘heart’ or ‘life.’

2. Are there any traditional Aztec naming ceremonies for babies?

According to ancient Aztec texts, on the fourth day after the baby is born, a ceremony is held before dawn, attended by the parents and kin of the infant. It involves the child’s exposure to water and sunlight, summoning the power of these elements to protect the child and shape their future. Once the ceremony is completed, the baby is assigned a name depending on the day and time of birth (1).

3. What are some common themes in Aztec baby names?

Aztec babies sometimes have two names. One is called a calendar name and taken from the day of their birth, and the second is a personal name. Cultural and religious concepts usually inspire this personal name, along with behavioral attributes and natural elements highly valued by the Aztecs, such as animals and the elements.

Infographic: Baby Names Of Aztec Origin And Their Meanings

If you love history-inspired titles, giving your baby an Aztec-inspired name could be a perfect naming choice for you. This Mesoamerican culture can provide you with several unique names with significant meanings. So, dive into this list of Aztec baby names given in the infographic below and pick your favorite title for your little one.

beautiful aztec names for your bundle of joy(infographic)

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