70 Aztec Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Step into the captivating world of Aztec girl names, filled with history and meaning. The Aztecs, an ancient civilization known for their art and culture, left a legacy of names connecting with nature, religion, and the divine. Inspired by their language, Nahuatl, these names hold a poetic essence and are not limited by gender. They crafted a remarkable writing system that artfully blended logographic and phonetic syllable signs. This ingenious combination allowed them to breathe life into the names of individuals and locations, infusing each with deep significance.

The Aztecs thrived in central Mexico from the 14th to 16th centuries, and their names often honored their deep connection with Mother Earth, drawing inspiration from flowers, animals, gods, and natural phenomena (1).

Imagine naming your little girl after the Aztec goddess Metztli, symbolizing the moon's beauty. Or choose Atzi, meaning rain, to connect with mother nature. Another lovely option could be Citlalic, which translates to 'rising star,' representing the brilliance of the celestial bodies that guided their lives.

Names carried immense importance for the Aztecs, serving as identities that brought pride and respect. The Aztec names were more than just labels, they held substantial power and meaning for the people. Every name carried a story, connecting individuals to their surroundings and ancestral heritage.

Even today, about 1.7 million people in Central Mexico still speak Nahuatl (2). By picking an Aztec name for your child, you can celebrate their Mesoamerican heritage and help them feel a strong sense of identity. In our world, where cultures mix and come together, these names offer a beautiful way to connect with the past and embrace their unique background.

Just as the Aztecs cherished names, modern parents seek names that empower and inspire their children while honoring the past. Aztec girl names offer various options, each with a unique story and significance. Let's travel into this world of names, where culture, history, and spirituality converge to provide a sense of identity for your precious bundle of joy.

heart image Acuecucyoticihuati Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of the Aztec goddess of the ocean
heart image Ahtziri Baby Girl Sign Girl Queen of the sea; Goddess of the sea
heart image Ahuic Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of the Aztec goddess of the running water in rivers, streams, and waves
heart image Amoxtli Baby Girl Sign Girl Book
heart image Anacaona Baby Girl Sign Girl Golden flower
heart image Apozanolotl Baby Girl Sign Girl Aztec Goddess of purity
heart image Atlacamani Baby Girl Sign Girl The Aztec goddess of storms
heart image Atlacoya Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of the Aztec goddess of drought
heart image Atlatonin Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of the Aztec mother goddess
heart image Atzi Baby Girl Sign Girl Rain
heart image Ayauhteotl Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of Aztec goddess of the haze and mist
heart image Chalchihuitlcue Baby Girl Sign Girl She with the robe of green jewels
heart image Chalmecacihuilt Baby Girl Sign Girl Aztec goddess of the underworld
heart image Chantico Baby Girl Sign Girl She who dwells in the house
heart image Chicomecoatl Baby Girl Sign Girl Seven snakes
heart image Chiconahui Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of Aztec hearth-goddess
heart image Chimalma Baby Girl Sign Girl Shield-bearer
heart image Chipahua Baby Girl Sign Girl Clean
heart image Cihuaton Baby Girl Sign Girl Little woman
heart image Citlalic Baby Girl Sign Girl Rising star
heart image Citlalicue Baby Girl Sign Girl Star garment
heart image Coyolxauhqui Baby Girl Sign Girl Golden bells
heart image Cozamalotl Baby Girl Sign Girl Rainbow
heart image Cuicatl Baby Girl Sign Girl Song
heart image Etapalli Baby Girl Sign Girl Wing
heart image Eztli Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Aztec name meaning Blood
heart image Huixtocihuatl Baby Girl Sign Girl Aztec fertility goddess
heart image Ilamatecuhtli Baby Girl Sign Girl Aztec goddess of fertility and death
heart image Itzpapalotl Baby Girl Sign Girl Obsidian butterfly
heart image Ixcuiname Baby Girl Sign Girl Four faces or four sisters
heart image Ixtli Baby Girl Sign Girl Face
heart image Metzli Baby Girl Sign Girl Moon or Lunar
heart image Metztli Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess of night
heart image Miyaoaxochitl Baby Girl Sign Girl Maize tassel flower
heart image Mizquixaual Baby Girl Sign Girl Mesquite face paint
heart image Nahuatl Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Goddess of Water and rivers
heart image Necahual Baby Girl Sign Girl Survivor
heart image Nenetl Baby Girl Sign Girl Doll
heart image Nochtli Baby Girl Sign Girl Prickly pear fruit
heart image Ohtli Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A person who is a champion; Son of Neil
heart image Patli Baby Girl Sign Girl Medicine
heart image Quetzalli Baby Girl Sign Girl A large beautiful feather
heart image Tayanna Baby Girl Sign Girl Aztec name; Suray
heart image Teicuih Baby Girl Sign Girl Younger sister
heart image Teiuc Baby Girl Sign Girl Second-born
heart image Tlachinolli Baby Girl Sign Girl Fire
heart image Tlazohtzin Baby Girl Sign Girl Little necklace of flowers
heart image Tonalnan Baby Girl Sign Girl Mother of light
heart image Tonantzin Baby Girl Sign Girl Mother earth or the mother Goddess
heart image Tozi Baby Girl Sign Girl Aztec goddess of healing and sweet water
heart image Xilonen Baby Girl Sign Girl Hairy one
heart image Xiloxoch Baby Girl Sign Girl Calliandra
heart image Xitllali Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess of the moon
heart image Xiuhcoatl Baby Girl Sign Girl Comet
heart image Xiuhtonal Baby Girl Sign Girl Precious light
heart image Xochicotzin Baby Girl Sign Girl Fire serpent
heart image Xochil Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower
heart image Xochilt Baby Girl Sign Girl A variant of Xochil; Flower.
heart image Xochiquetzal Baby Girl Sign Girl Most beautiful flower
heart image Xochiyotl Baby Girl Sign Girl Heart of a gentle flower
heart image Xoco Baby Girl Sign Girl Youngest sister
heart image Xocotzin Baby Girl Sign Girl Youngest daughter
heart image Xocoyotl Baby Girl Sign Girl Youngest child
heart image Xolo Unisex Baby Sign Unisex God's dog
heart image Yaotl Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Combatant; Soldier; Warrior; Defender; Fighter; Rival
heart image Yaretzi Baby Girl Sign Girl You will always be loved
heart image Yolihuani Baby Girl Sign Girl Source of life
heart image Yoloxochitl Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower of the heart
heart image Zeltzin Baby Girl Sign Girl Delicate
heart image Zyanya Baby Girl Sign Girl Forever; Always
This comprehensive list of Aztec baby girl names with meanings offers a selection of powerful and beautiful names that carry positive significance. Nature and divinity inspired many Aztec names, reflecting their deep connection to the world. Whether you seek a unique and fascinating identity for your child or simply admire the rich history of the Aztec people, these names provide endless inspiration.

Infographic: Charming Aztec Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Aztec baby girl names resonate with deep cultural meanings of this ancient civilization. Each name represents something special, such as love, strength, or nature. These names are inspired by unique aspects of their heritage, making them meaningful. If you're looking for a special name for your little girl, check out this infographic featuring a curated list of Aztec names.

enchanting aztec baby girl names (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What cultural or religious beliefs are associated with Aztec female names?

Aztec female names are associated with cultural and religious beliefs such as consulting day-keepers for fate determination, basing one's name on their day of birth, and believing in the predictive power of dreams and natural omens. These beliefs reflect a connection to the supernatural world and the importance of rituals and divination in Aztec traditions (3).

2. Are there any symbolic meanings behind Aztec baby girl names?

In Aztec culture, the symbolic meanings behind some baby girl names are deeply rooted. Mazatl, meaning 'deer' in Nahuatl, represents the sun, drought, and the rain god Tlaloc. It also corresponds to one of the Aztec calendar signs, honoring the importance of deer in indigenous cultures. Xiuhcoatl, derived from Nahuatl, means 'turquoise serpent' or 'fire serpent' and refers to the mythical serpent associated with Xiuhtecuhtli, the Aztec fire god. Both names carry profound symbolism and appeal to mythology enthusiasts.

3.What is the Aztec name for a star?

In Aztec culture, the name for a star is Citlalic, which carries the meaning of a rising star. Additionally, Citlalicue refers to the star garment, further emphasizing the significance and celestial association attributed to stars in Aztec beliefs and symbolism.

4.What is the Aztec name for a princess?

In Aztec culture, the name for a princess is Siuapilli. Derived from the Nahuatl language, it carries the meaning of 'princess.' Another beautiful Aztec name for a princess is Erendira, which signifies a 'smiling princess.'

5.What is the Aztec name for joy?

The Aztec name for joy is Ahuiliztli. Derived from the Nahuatl language, it signifies 'joy,' 'pleasure,' 'enjoyment,' or 'recreation.' Ahuiliztli is a fitting name for a cheerful baby who brings happiness and delight to one's heart.


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