12 Bangla Baby Names With Meanings

So you’ve already figured out how you are going to dress your baby and design his nursery. To be honest, these are the easy bits for every parent to figure out. Deciding on a name for your bundle of joy is an entirely different ballgame. But if you are from Bangladesh, how about picking names from your roots while selecting the name as well?

The personal names in Bangladesh are influenced directly by a person’s religion. Since a majority of people living in Bangladesh are Muslims, most of the names here originate in the Arabic language, followed by Farsi, Pali, Sanskrit, and Bengali.

Babies in Bangladesh are bestowed with two given names, a good name, which is used in all the legal documents and a nickname, which is used by family and close friends. It isn’t important for both the names to be related. Or parents can also use the shortened version of the good name for the nickname. Middle names are not compulsory in Bangladesh, even though it is quite common in the country. Bangladeshis rarely use a family name, so there’s a high possibility of members of the same family having different last names. But honorific name or title can be used. Check out MomJunction’s extensive collection of Bangla baby names below!

GulmohorThey are very charming,energetic and nice to others.They have power to make plans and get success in them.Girl
HaqqiA person who supports,hold the truthBoy
NabakalikaA fresh blossom, a garden fresh shoot.Girl
QabizOne of the ninety menBoy
QaidA commander of menBoy
QaifaThe one who estimates thingsGirl
QaimA standing, rising and well-grounded personBoy
RatiqOne who brings people together, also another name of AllahBoy
RayhaanA sweet smelling flower that isn't a rose, also something that brings confortBoy
Rayhaan sweetA plant that has a sweet smellBoy
RayhanahAn aromatic sweet smell of the basilGirl
RuhmA daughter of the narrator of HadithGirl
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