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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Beatrice

Beatrice is a gorgeous name with an equally charming meaning. This baby girl’s name is derived from the Latin Beatrix, signifying someone who ushers happiness. The term also means “blessed one.” Beatrice combines two words — ‘viatrix’ and ‘beatus.’ The former means’ voyager,’ while the latter means ‘blessed.’

There are numerous variations of the name. In Croatian and Slovakian, it is Beatrica. In Albanian, it is Beatrice, while in Welsh, the variation is Betrys. The Latvian versions of the name are Beatrisa and Beatrise, while in English, another variant of the word is Beatriss.

In Latin, Beatrice was the name of many ancient Christian saints. It is speculated that the name originates from a female personal name in honor of a Christian saint.

One of the most noteworthy mentions of the word ‘Beatrice’ appears in the Italian poet Dante’s ‘The Divine Comedy.’ She was the woman to whom Dante dedicated most of his life. Beatrice is also commonly identified as Beatrice Portinari, the daughter of a wealthy Florentine family.

Another notable mention of this name is in William Shakespeare’s play ‘Much Ado About Nothing.’ Here, Beatrice is the niece of Leonato, a sharp-witted character many scholars later labeled as proto-feminist. Apart from a female’s name, Beatrice is also the county seat of Gage County in Nebraska, United States.

As a name, Beatrice has been quite favored in fiction and entertainment. For example, Beatrice Baudelaire is the mysterious woman in the book ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ by Daniel Handler. Beatrice Grimaldi is a princess in the hit American television series ‘Gossip Girl.’ In Kurt Vonnegut’s novel ‘The Sirens of Titan,’ Beatrice Rumfoord is an elegant yet haughty woman. This name also figures in many games, the prominent being Beatrice, the Dream Demon in the Sony PlayStation game ‘Wild Arms 3.’

Celebrities desiring a classic name for their daughters, such as Paul McCartney and Bryce Dallas Howard, have also not shied away from using this moniker.


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Bringer Of Joy
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How To Pronounce Beatrice?


Famous People With The Name Beatrice

  • Beatrice AldaAmerican filmmaker and actress known for The Four Seasons
  • Beatrice NeuwirthAmerican actress honored with Emmy Awards
  • Beatrice Rosen French American actress known for the 2012 film
  • Beatrice McCartnyDaughter of the legendary songwriter Paul McCartney
  • Beatrice M. HinkleAmerican writer and feminist who wrote Psychology of the Unconscious
  • Beatrice LanzaLong distance runner and triathlete
  • Beatrice WindeAmerican actress known for The Hurricane
  • Beatrice CaslaruFormer Romanian swimmer
  • Beatrice WrightAmerican born British psychologist known for her work in Rehabilitation Psychology
  • Beatrice KayAmerican singer known for Underworld U.S.A
  • Beatrice CurtisAmerican actress known for starring in The Shadow

Beatrice On The Popularity Chart

This name started becoming popular from the mid 2000s. This data from the Social Security Administration will make the name’s popularity clear to you.

Popularity Over Time

Beatrice was not a popular name till the early 2000s. Its popularity began increasing after that and gained momentum from 2005 onwards.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Featuring in the top 1000 names from the 1980s, the name slipped in rankings in the late 90s. Beatrice began climbing the popularity ladder again in the mid-2000s.

Source: Social Security Administration

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