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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Beau

Beau is a name of French origin, which means ‘beautiful.’ To be more precise, the name refers to a ‘handsome lad’ or a ‘Southern gentleman’ in French culture. In distinct societies, Beau used to be adopted as a middle name, but in the last 50 years, it has become a trend to use it as a first name. In English culture, the term is often addressed as ‘sweetheart’ and, in some cases, ‘admirer.’

It has also been found that in the traditional world, a man is addressed as a ‘beau’ when he is defined as the perfect suitor of a woman. The name is an integral part of traditional society. Women used to be escorted by their ‘beaus’ in social occasions and gatherings while showing off their attractive choice to the public. The man’s reputation for beauty and handsomeness was portrayed by his fine sense of dressing, etiquette, and mannerism. Thus, Beau, as a name, carries a rich portrayal of a man in a civilized society.

The name has different versions that differ by country and language; for instance, it is ‘Beaux’ and ‘Beaw’ in French, ‘Boe’ in Scandinavian, ‘Bello’ in Italian, and ‘Belo’ in Portuguese. Thus, it is clear that the name has a profound use beyond any language and region.

Beau has appeared in theaters and on TV screens several times. ‘Rumor has it,’ one of the most-talked-about romantic comedies of American cinema, has the character Beau Burroughs played by Kevin Costner, the Primetime Emmy Award winner. You may also find the classic touch of this name in vintage novels. Percival C. Wren, the British writer, named his protagonist Michael Beau Geste in his novel ‘Beau Geste.’ In the 2018 American fantasy drama, A Quiet Place, Beau Abbot is characterized as a four-year-old boy.

Hence, Beau is a charming masculine name carried from one time zone to another.


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Beautiful, Handsome
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How To Pronounce Beau?


Famous People With The Name Beau

  • Lloyd Vernet ‘Beau’ BridgesAmerican actor, Grammy award winner for An Inconvenient Truth
  • Beau BidenFormer American lawyer, famous as former attorney general of Delaware, the late son of President Joe Biden
  • William Beau MirchoffAmerican-Canadian actor, best known for his appearance in TV-show Now Apocalypse
  • Beau WebsterAustralian cricketer, known for representing Melbourne Stars
  • Beau TaplinAustralian poet, internationally recognized for Worlds of You: Poetry and Prose

Beau On The Popularity Chart

The graphs by the Social Security Administration show you how the name Beau has evolved over the years. Take a look.

Popularity Over Time

1n 1980, only 1206 babies per million were named Beau, signifying its less popularity. However, after 2009, its popularity rose. In 2021, 2793 babies per million shared this name. Check out the graph for details.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

In 1980, Beau secured the 12366th position on the charts. However, soon after, its rank started dropping and couldn’t reach the same position even in the 2020s. Go through the graph to check its rank over time.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Beau

There are several names sounding the same as Beau. The following list may interest you for such variations.

Names With Similar Meaning As Beau

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Name Numerology For Beau

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