121 Belgian Baby Names With Meanings


Belgium, a small country sitting right in the heart of Western Europe, is subjected to cultural influences more than any other European country. As a result, Belgian baby names reflect a blend of three or more given languages, Dutch (Flanders), French (southern Belgium), and German (in a tiny part of Wallonia bordering Germany). These languages also bring differences in naming traditions and practices, so much so that separate statistics are kept for these three regions of the country. In Europe, individuals typically possess two distinct categories of names. Firstly, there are the forenames, which are perceived as a means of identification. Secondly, there are family names, which predominantly serve to associate an individual with their familial heritage or lineage. The first names in Belgium are majorly French, German, and Dutch. Each linguistic region contributes distinct flavors to the nation's nomenclature, resulting in a delightful medley of monikers that range from classic and elegant to modern and innovative. The family names are inherited from the given name of the ancestor. Noble names tied to the town or village, geographic origin, and the physical attributes of the ancestor are also considered. Some family names also reflect the profession of the first ancestor, such as De Backer and Boulanger, which means 'baker,' or De Smedt, which translates to 'smith.' The significance of Belgian baby names extends beyond mere phonetics, often encapsulating profound meanings, historical references, or familial connections. This amalgamation of linguistic diversity and profound symbolism makes Belgian names outshine several other options. Whether you are drawn to the timeless elegance of Flemish names, the poetic allure of French appellations, or the distinctive charm of German-infused monikers, the world of Belgian baby names is a captivating realm for parents worldwide. Below, you can check out our curated collection of Belgian baby boy and girl names.

heart image Adalgiso Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble hostage
heart image Adelgonde Baby Girl Sign Girl A noble woman; Warrior
heart image Agathe Baby Girl Sign Girl A kind-natured woman
heart image Amdt Baby Boy Sign Boy One with the power of an eagle
heart image Andre Baby Boy Sign Boy Strong; Manly
heart image Angeletta Baby Girl Sign Girl Little angel; A girl as beautiful as a little angel
heart image Anique Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace or favor
heart image Anna Baby Boy Sign Boy Grace; Favor
heart image Anne Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace; Favor
heart image Apollina Baby Girl Sign Girl A gift from Apollo
heart image Arcene Baby Girl Sign Girl Something silvery
heart image Arlise Baby Girl Sign Girl God's oath
heart image Audrick Baby Boy Sign Boy A noble friend
heart image Avaset Baby Girl Sign Girl Birth
heart image Beauvais Baby Boy Sign Boy One belonging to Beauvais; from Beauvais
heart image Berangaria Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a princess
heart image Berniss Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who brings victory
heart image Bertl Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is famous for nobility
heart image Blaisdell Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who lisps or stutters
heart image Briand Baby Boy Sign Boy Old English form of Briand; Meaning strong or hill
heart image Brunhilde Baby Girl Sign Girl Battle armor; Protection
heart image Camillei Baby Girl Sign Girl Free-born or noble
heart image Capucina Baby Girl Sign Girl Cape
heart image Carlijn Baby Girl Sign Girl Belgian variant of Caroline, a free man.
heart image Celesse Baby Girl Sign Girl Heavenly
heart image Cheval Baby Boy Sign Boy Knight; Horseman and rider
heart image Christiane Baby Girl Sign Girl Follower of Jesus Christ
heart image Darcio Baby Boy Sign Boy Dark; From Arcy
heart image Dareau Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is dearly loved; Open
heart image Davet Baby Boy Sign Boy A variant of David; Beloved
heart image Deman Baby Boy Sign Boy Tame
heart image Denyse Baby Girl Sign Girl Of dionysus
heart image Derrall Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who is dearly loved
heart image Derrick Baby Boy Sign Boy Ruler of the people
heart image Desarae Baby Girl Sign Girl The one desired by everyone
heart image Desirae Baby Girl Sign Girl Long hoped for; Desired
heart image Devonna Baby Girl Sign Girl Divine
heart image Dietger Baby Boy Sign Boy Spear of the people
heart image Drugi Baby Boy Sign Boy A man who is strong and powerful
heart image Edgarton Baby Boy Sign Boy A prosperous warrior
heart image Engleberta Baby Girl Sign Girl A bright angel
heart image Farahilde Baby Girl Sign Girl Traveling; Battle
heart image Felisberta Baby Girl Sign Girl An intelligent and wise woman
heart image Fontane Baby Boy Sign Boy Fountain
heart image Galatee Baby Girl Sign Girl White
heart image Gascon Baby Boy Sign Boy From Gascony; One who belongs to Gascony
heart image Genevia Baby Girl Sign Girl Juniper berry
heart image Genivee Baby Girl Sign Girl Of the race of women
heart image Gerdie Baby Girl Sign Girl Protected; She who is protected by God
heart image Godelief Baby Boy Sign Boy Loved by the Gods; Good life
heart image Gudruna Baby Girl Sign Girl One with divine knowledge
heart image Hadu Baby Girl Sign Girl A vigorous battle maiden
heart image Halfrida Baby Girl Sign Girl A peaceful heroine
heart image Hedvige Baby Girl Sign Girl Fighter or refuge in battle; Variation of Hedwig
heart image Henriella Baby Girl Sign Girl Ruler of the house; A woman who rules the house
heart image Hildimar Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is glorious
heart image Holle Baby Girl Sign Girl Beloved; Beloved of everyone
heart image Hulde Baby Girl Sign Girl Beloved; Dear to everyone
heart image Ida Baby Girl Sign Girl Hardworking; Industrious person
heart image Idna Baby Girl Sign Girl Active; One who is active and agile
heart image Idonia Baby Girl Sign Girl Industrious and fruitful
heart image Iolanthe Baby Girl Sign Girl Violet
heart image Irmigard Baby Girl Sign Girl The goddess of war
heart image Isolda Baby Girl Sign Girl The ruler of ice
heart image Jacquelynne Baby Girl Sign Girl Supplanter; A variation of Jacqueline
heart image Jakoh Baby Boy Sign Boy Supplanter; Belgian variation of Jacob
heart image Jan Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious
heart image Janez Baby Boy Sign Boy God's gracious gift
heart image Jean Unisex Baby Sign Unisex God is gracious
heart image Joshka Baby Boy Sign Boy Jehovah is generous
heart image Julez Baby Boy Sign Boy A variation of Jules; Youthful.
heart image Kelian Baby Boy Sign Boy A small water channel
heart image Leroux Baby Boy Sign Boy The red-haired one
heart image Luc Baby Boy Sign Boy From Lucania; Light
heart image Madelca Baby Girl Sign Girl A Belgian female name
heart image Maes Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Field; Open land
heart image Manneville Baby Boy Sign Boy From the great estate
heart image Marc Baby Boy Sign Boy Warlike
heart image Maria Baby Girl Sign Girl Bitter
heart image Marie Baby Girl Sign Girl Wished for child; Sea of bitterness; Star of the sea
heart image Martine Baby Girl Sign Girl Dedicated to Mars; War-like; A variant of the name Martha
heart image Maslen Baby Boy Sign Boy Little twin
heart image Michel Baby Boy Sign Boy A messenger of God
heart image Monique Baby Girl Sign Girl Unique; Alone; To advise
heart image Myril Baby Boy Sign Boy Famous; Of the sea
heart image Nathalie Baby Girl Sign Girl Christmas day
heart image Nev Baby Boy Sign Boy New village
heart image Nicole Baby Girl Sign Girl Victory of the people
heart image Norice Baby Boy Sign Boy A term used for caretaker
heart image Odbart Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is wealthy and rich
heart image Orvalle Baby Boy Sign Boy One from the golden village
heart image Otilio Baby Boy Sign Boy A wealthy and fortunate person
heart image Pascali Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Pascal; Born on Easter
heart image Pascaline Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl born during Easter
heart image Patrick Baby Boy Sign Boy Nobleman
heart image Paul Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is humble and small
heart image Perahta Baby Girl Sign Girl Glorious
heart image Philippe Baby Boy Sign Boy Horse lover
heart image Pierre Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is tough as a rock
heart image Plat Baby Boy Sign Boy From the flat land; One belonging to the flat land
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Belgian baby names exhibit a fascinating blend of cultural influences. They reflect the nation's rich history and diverse linguistic tapestry. As Belgium continues to evolve, so do its baby naming practices, creating a captivating fusion of heritage and innovation. Belgian baby names are a celebration that bridges the past and present and forge a unique identity for their children. We hope the list above helps you find an enchanting baby name that stands apart.

Infographic: Beautiful Belgian Names For Your Newborn

Belgium is a culturally rich country, having three official languages — Dutch, French, and German. This adds diversity to the names that originate from the country, making them distinctive and encompassing several European cultures. Read this infographic to find out the popular Belgian names for babies with strong meanings and melodious sounds.

alluring baby names from belgium (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the significance of a Belgian baby name?

Belgian baby names carry linguistic and cultural influences. Names from the Flemish-speaking regions, such as Flanders, and French-speaking regions, such as Wallonia, highlight their respective Dutch and French history. The names are also inspired by the Historical figures and cultural icons of their rich royal heritage.

2. Are there any Belgian baby names that are inspired by famous Belgian landmarks or cities?

Some Belgian baby names inspired by famous Belgian landmarks or cities include Beauvais, meaning ‘one belonging to Beauvais’ or ‘from Beauvais,’ a city in France. Another such name is Gascon meaning ‘one belonging to Gascony.’ Gascony was an English-ruled Duchy from 1152 to 1453 and later became a province of France (1)


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