61 Belgian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AndreA masculine man who are manly and well builtBoy
JanGift from GodBoy
JeanGod is gracious, in the bible one of the apostlesUnisex
LucFrom Lucania, a region in South ItalyBoy
MarcA war-like personBoy
MichelMessenger of God.Boy
PatrickA regal and noble natured individualBoy
PaulOne who is humble and smallBoy
PhilippeOne who is the lover and friend of horsesBoy
PierreOne who is tough as a rockBoy
AdalgisoNoble hostageBoy
AmdtOne with the power of an eagleBoy
AnnaName of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; GodBoy
AudrickA noble friendBoy
BazThe unwavering protectorBoy
BeauvaisOne belonging to Beauvais, from Beauvais.Boy
BertlOne who is famous for nobility.Boy
BlaisdellA person who lisps or stutters.Boy
BriandThe old English form of Briand, meaning strong or hill.Boy
ChevalKnight, horseman and riderBoy
DarcioA variation of Darcy. It means dark or from Arcy.Boy
DareauOne who is dearly loved, openBoy
DavetA variant of David, meaning beloved.Boy
DerrallA person who is dearly loved.Boy
DerrickA gifted ruler. A person with capabilities of being a gifted ruler.Boy
DietgerSpear of the peopleBoy
DrugiA man who is strong and powerful.Boy
EdgartonA prosperous warriorBoy
FontaneFontane is Belgian word for fountain.Boy
GasconFrom Gascony, one who belongs to Gascony.Boy
GodeliefLoved by the gods, or good lifeBoy
JakohBelgian variation of Jacob, meaning supplanter.Boy
JanezGod's gracious giftBoy
JoshkaJoshka is the Belgian version of Joshua and means Jehovah is generous.Boy
JulezJulez is a variation of Jules and means youthful.Boy
KelianBelgian term for a small water channelBoy
LerouxThe red haired one.Boy
MannevilleFrom the great estateBoy
MaslenLittle twinBoy
MyrilFamous or of the seaBoy
NevNew villageBoy
NoriceA term used for caretakerBoy
OdbartOne who is wealthy and rich.Boy
OrvalleOne from the golden village.Boy
OtilioA wealthy and fortunate person.Boy
PascaliA form of Pascal, meaning born on Easter.Boy
PlatFrom the flat land, one belonging to the flat land.Boy
PorteurA gatekeeper or carrierBoy
PortierA variation of Porter, meaning gatekeeper or carrier.Boy
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