61 Belgian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

AnneVariation of Hannah; a beautiful prayerGirl
ChristianeFollower of Jesus ChristGirl
JeanGod is gracious, in the bible one of the apostlesUnisex
MariaVariation of Mary or Miriam which means Bitter or Wished-for childGirl
MarieHebrew - Wished for child; Sea of bitterness; To Swell; A variant form of Maria; As Mary;Girl
MartineLatin - Dedicated to Mars; Warlike; Female Version of Marc; A variant of the name MarthaGirl
MoniqueOld Greek - Single; Only; Monk; Hermit; To advise; To warn; A variant of name MonicaGirl
NathalieThe date of birth of Christ.Girl
NicoleThe winning people.Girl
RitaOld Greek - Pearl; Way of life; A variant of name MargaretGirl
AdelgondeA noble woman, warriorGirl
AgatheA kind natured woman.Girl
AngelettaLittle angel, a girl as beautiful as a little angel.Girl
AniqueGrace or favorGirl
ApollinaA gift from Apollo.Girl
ArceneSomething silveryGirl
ArliseGod's oathGirl
BerangariaName of a princess.Girl
BernissThe one who brings victory.Girl
BrunhildeBattle armorGirl
CamilleiFree born or noble.Girl
CarlijnBelgian variant of Caroline, meaning free man.Girl
DenyseOf dionysusGirl
DesaraeThe one desired by everyone.Girl
DesiraeLong hoped for, desiredGirl
EnglebertaA bright angelGirl
FarahildeTraveling, battleGirl
FelisbertaAn intelligent and wise womanGirl
GeneviaJuniper berryGirl
GeniveeOf the race of women.Girl
GerdieProtected, she who is protected by God.Girl
GudrunaOne with a divine knowledge.Girl
HaduA vigorous battle maiden.Girl
HalfridaA peaceful heroineGirl
HedvigeFighter or refuge in battle. It is a variation of Hedwig.Girl
HenriellaRuler of the house, a woman who rules the house.Girl
HildimarOne who is glorious, gloriousGirl
HolleBeloved, beloved of everyone.Girl
HuldeBeloved, dear to everyone.Girl
IdaA woman who is hardworkingGirl
IdnaActive, one who is active and agile.Girl
IdoniaIndustrious and fruitful.Girl
IrmigardThe goddess of war.Girl
IsoldaThe ruler of iceGirl
JacquelynneSupplanter. A variation of Jacqueline.Girl
MadelcaA female name of Belgian originGirl
PascalineA girl born during EasterGirl
RomhildaA glorious battle maid.Girl
RosamondeA variation of the name Rose. It means rose.Girl
SlaniaHealth and wellnessGirl
VanyaGracious, a woman who is graceful to God for everything.Girl
VeronikeBelgian version of Veronica, meaning one who brings victory.Girl
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