210 Bengali Baby Boy Names With Meanings

DebashishOne who is lord of the ringsBoy
DebeshPleased by Gods; One who is delighted by God;Boy
DeveshAnother name of Lord Shiva.Boy
DipankarOne who has a lamp in his handsBoy
FanikesharThe ruler of the snakes.Boy
FeluA nickname for BoysBoy
FulbabuA dancer who sounds out rhythms by using metal taps on the toes and heels of the shoes.Boy
GangaraajuThe lord of the rivers.Boy
GrihamaniA lamp which spreads light everywhere.Boy
HironmoeA Boy's Bengali nameBoy
HridyanshuLight from Heart; MoonBoy
JayaketanThe symbol of victoryBoy
JayanandJoy of successBoy
JayashishVictory with blessingBoy
JaydebGod of victoryBoy
JeetuThe one who always get success over difficulties.Boy
JhareshwarSplendour of the flameBoy
JnanendraPeople with this name have a deep inner need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truths.Boy
JoeontoSplendour and dazzle of the flameBoy
JotishJotish means AstrologistBoy
KanakachurThe name means PaddyBoy
KaustubhThe name means A Jewel worn by lord VinshuBoy
KoushikLove and Affection; One who adores and worships; One who is devotedBoy
LabangaLabanga means ClovesBoy
LekhonA person who knows how to writeBoy
Mihirthe sun.Boy
MinatiA prayer or an offering to the GodBoy
MithinThe one who govern wiselyBoy
ModanThe God of love and infatuationBoy
ModanathaHindu Lord of Love and affectionBoy
Monoharone who is a great charmerBoy
MonojitOne who wins over others mindBoy
MounishThe lord of minds, the conqueror of mindsBoy
NabaThe new or the fresh oneBoy
NabakumarNewly delivered baby Boy.Boy
NabhasThe person who resembles the blue sky.Boy
NabinThe person who is fresh or original.Boy
NabinaThe person who is new and fresh.Boy
NabinchandraThe fresh moon, or a crescent moonBoy
NagalingeshThe God Shiva, Another name for Lord Shiva.Boy
NarayanaswamyThe beaming light, a radiant sunrise.Boy
NatabarThe one who is excellent in dancing.Boy
NayaabFull of joy or producing joy.Boy
NayananandaThe one who is possessing good qualities in high degree.Boy
NeelameganAnother name of Lord Krishna.Boy
NeelotpalBeautiful blue lotus floret.Boy
Neeraj nayanThe one who is having eyes like lotus.Boy
NemichandVery calm and peaceful person.Boy
NetratavThe one who guides others.Boy
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