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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Blake

The name Blake is derived from Old English. It is likely originated from either ‘blaac,’ a nickname for someone with a fair complexion or light hair, or ‘blac,’ used to refer to someone with dark hair. Therefore, the meaning of the name Blake is ‘fair-haired, dark.’ Blake is a gender-neutral name used for both boys and girls.

The name Blake was initially used to refer to people with dark hair or skin tones, but over time it came to be used for people with fair hair. Blake is also used as a nickname for those with dark or black hair. Ble-yk, BL-K, b-l-AI-k, and BL-AKE are the phonetic spellings of the name.

The name has different spell variants, including Blaise, Blakely, Blakeman, and Blakemore. Blakeney, Blaker, and Blakey are some other name variations.

Notably, one of Ireland’s 14 Tribes of Galway was known as Blake. These Blakes were descended from Richard Caddell, also known as Blake, who was part of the 1169 Norman invasion of Ireland. Its lengthy present-day foreign name was shortened to de Bláca in Irish. The name is also said to have originated from the Old Norse term ‘Blaker,’ which refers to a settlement and a former municipality in the Norwegian county of Akershus. The name first appeared in Yorkshire, England.

English poet William Blake, who lived in the 18th century, is credited for popularising the last name Blake. Other notable persons to bear the name Blake include American actress Blake Lively, American actor Blake Anderson, and American writer Blake Bailey.

Numerous fictional works had characters named Blake. They include Blake Carrington in ‘Dynasty,’ and Blake Jenner in ‘Everybody Wants Some!’ Other notable fictional characters with the name are Blake Belladonna in ‘RWBY’ anime and manga series and Blake Thorburn in Diane Setterfield’s book ‘The Thirteenth Tale.’


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How To Pronounce Blake?


Famous People With The Name Blake

  • Blake LivelyAmerican actress known for her role in The Rhythm Section
  • Blake AaronAmerican guitarist dubbed as ‘a genius on the guitar’ by the Los Angeles Times
  • Blake AndersonAmerican actor famous for comedic television series Workaholics
  • Blake BaileyAmerican writer known for his literary biographies of Richard Yates, John Cheever, Charles Jackson, and Philip Roth
  • Blake BaxterAmerican musician, whose first releases were recorded in Chicago on the label DJ International, later remixed and released in Detroit
  • Blake AdamsAmerican golfer who had a breakout year in 2009, with seven top-10s between May and August, including a career-high finish of solo second place in Canada at the Ford Wayne Gretzky Classic
  • Blake WiseAmerican singer famous for singles ‘Cornfields,’ ‘I’ve Got This Feeling,’ and ‘Can’t Live Without’

Blake On The Popularity Chart

Although Blake was out of the picture in the 1980s, it started growing in popularity since 2010. Check the graph below to learn more about the popularity trends.

Popularity Over Time

In 2007, only 90 babies per million were named Blake and the count increased to 1185 in 2017. The name is shared by 1497 babies per million in 2021. Check out the graph below.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Blake was ranked 2442 in 1980, which was improved to 935 in 1990. The name is currently in its best ranking of 199 in 2021. This graph shows how the name’s ranking fared over the years.

Source: Social Security Administration

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