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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Blythe

Blythe is a feminine name of Old English origin and means cheerful, happy, and joyous. The name originated in the Middle Ages in England and was primarily used as a nickname for those with a happy aura. Blythe is a Christian name. Besides the first name, it is often used as a surname or last name.

The origin of Blythe is also associated with the Proto-Germanic word ‘blithiz,’ which means ‘gentle’ and ‘kind.’ Though it is primarily used as a feminine name, many parents use the name for baby boys as well.

In Modern English, Blythe is often given to someone who is seen as a happy-go-lucky and carefree person. The name also has an effortless and smooth pronunciation.

Some common spelling variants of Blythe are Blighe, Blight, Blyth, Bligh,  Blithe, Blith, and Blygh. The name can also be found in popular culture, with several characters being given the name Blythe.

Blythe Baxter is the main protagonist from the cartoon show ‘Littlest Pet Shop,’ and also a supporting character from the Netflix series ‘You.’ Gilbert Blythe is a popular character in the Anne of Green Gables series of novels by Lucy Maud Montgomery. He was portrayed as a handsome gentleman who was popular with girls.

The name is borne by several notable personalities. Blythe Katherine Danner is an American actress and the recipient of two Primetime Emmy Awards for best supporting sctress. Blythe is a relatively unpopular name and is hardly found in the popularity charts of any country. It has never landed in the top 1000s list of popular baby girl names in the US, as per the data by the Social Security Administration. In the US, Blythe is the 4,341st most popular surname.  Although uncommon, the name is chosen by many parents for its association with cheerfulness.


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How To Pronounce Blythe?


Famous People With The Name Blythe

  • Blythe Katherine DannerAmerican actress, recipient of two Primetime Emmy Awards for best supporting actress
  • Blythe HartleyAmerican Olympic Diverired diver who won a bronze medal at the 2004 Olympics
  • Jimmy BlytheAmerican Jazz musician and pianist
  • Adam Michael BlytheFormer British racing cyclist, member of British Cycling’s Olympic Development Programme
  • Matty BlytheEnglish Rugby Player who played in various positions, like wing, centre, and second-row
  • Charlie BlytheFormer England left-arm spinner
  • Randy BlytheAmerican vocalist best known as the lead singer of heavy metal band Lamb of God and Burn The Priest

Blythe On The Popularity Chart

Blythe enjoyed its peak popularity at the start of the 19th century. To know more about Blythe’s popularity over the years, check out the graphs below.

Popularity Over Time

In the past nine decades, i.e., from 1929 until 2018, Blyth has been recorded 4,536 times in the public database of the US. The name was first introduced in 1897 when it was given to six baby girls. Learn more from the graph below.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The name reached its best ranking of 1260 in 1983. The ranking fell in the following decades before making a comeback in 2013 with the rank of 1271. Check out the graph below for detailed information.

Source: Social Security Administration

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