161 Bosnian Baby Names With Meanings

Bosnia is a multiethnic, multicultural, and multinational country and the diverseness is mirrored in the names as well.

Bosnian, a South Slavic language, is the official language of both Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with Serbian and Croatian. It’s basically the uniform version of the Croatian-Serbian language. The language comprises both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets and even has a few Persian, Arabic, and Turkish words in the lexicon. This is primarily due to Bosnian people’s interaction and friendship with these cultures. And this is the reason Turkish, Arabic, and Persian names are used widely in Bosnia.

The first name or personal names of Bosnian often, not always, tells about the background and culture of the individual. Bosnian Muslims give personal names as well as derivations of the original Arabic name to their children. They also pay extreme importance to the meaning of the name, because it has been made clear in the Hadith to pick only beautiful and good names for children. Christians and Hebrews residing in Bosnia pick names derived from the Bible, Torah, and Old Testament.

If you need some help selecting an ideal Bosnian baby name for your child, take a look at MomJunction's list below. We’ve handpicked some of the best Bosnian names for boys and girls. Take a look.

AdemVirtuous, fair, pure, moral.Boy
AdemirNoble protectorBoy
AjdinHe who is bright, happy and lucky.Boy
AjnaReal or originalGirl
AjnurMoonlight, glow of the oon.Boy
AlezaJoy or daughter of AliGirl
AlijaBosnian form of Ali. It means highly regarded.Boy
AlmedinaOne who is devoted to faith or one who is civilized.Girl
AmelaWork or effort.Girl
AsjaA form of Anastasia, meaning resurrection.Girl
AzemBig or largeBoy
BahrudinGlow of faithBoy
BasicHead or headmanBoy
BasichHead or headman. A form of Basic.Boy
BegA title of respectBoy
BehremMars planetBoy
BerberichBosnian surname meaning barber.Boy
BerinaBest, highestGirl
BesimA happy soul.Boy
BesimaOne who is always smiling, and happyGirl
BoryaBattle or war.Boy
DautA variant of David, meaning beloved.Boy
DavudA variant of David, meaning beloved.Boy
DedicBosnian term, meaning grandfather.Boy
EdhemDark-skinned, blackBoy
EjubBosnian version of the name Ayub. It means returning to God, repenting.Boy
EkremHe who is most noble or most respected.Boy
ElizabetaDedicated to GodGirl
ElmedinaA variant of Almedina, meaning one who is devoted to faith or civilizedGirl
ElvedinBenevolence of faith or gift.Boy
EmelaHope or inspiration.Girl
Eminaa trustworthy person.Girl
EnasOne with a friendly and jovial demeanor.Girl
EnesHe who is sociable.Boy
EnisOne who is friendly.Boy
EnisaFriend or companionGirl
EsadOne who is very lucky.Boy
FahretaFame, greatness, brilliance.Girl
FahrudinPride of faithBoy
FerizOne who is lucky or fortunate.Boy
GanibBlessed by rich loot or winningsBoy
HamdijaThe praised one.Boy
HusnijaBosnian form of Husain, meaning handsome.Boy
IfetaInnocent, virtuousGirl
IldaHeroine in the battle.Girl
IlhanaMelody, inspiration or compositionGirl
ImadPillar, support or mainstayBoy
IrmaBosnian form of Emma, meaning universal or complete.Girl
IrmelaOne who is gorgeous, shiny, and radiant.Girl
IsmetInnocent, saved from sin.Boy
IsmetaInnocent, saved from sin.Girl
IzetGreatness, gloryBoy
IzetaPower, influenceGirl
IzudinPower, glory of faithBoy
JasminkaBosnian term for Jasmine.Girl
JusufGod increases (in strength, power)Boy
KauzlarichScreeching owlBoy
LajlaBeauty of the night or dark haired beauty.Girl
LamijaOne with a shining, glowing personality.Girl
LejlaA dark-haired beautiful woman who is born in nightGirl
LjiljanLily flowerBoy
MelihaA beautiful and pretty woman.Girl
MerimaBosnian form of Mary, meaning star of the sea'.Girl
MerjemA form of Mary, meaning bitterness.Girl
MerjemaBosnian form of Mary, meaning star of the sea'.Girl
MersadaWatchtower or supervisionGirl
MesichTurkish form of Mohammed. It means praise or praiseworthy.Boy
MinetaOne who is merciful and generous.Girl
MuberaShe who is innocent and respected.Girl
MuharemSacred, forbidden, holyBoy
MunibaOne who is devoted to God.Girl
MuniraGlowing, illuminatedGirl
MurisHe who leaves inheritanceBoy
MurisaOne who leaves inheritanceGirl
NastasjaRisen by baptism to new lifeGirl
NebojsaWithout fearBoy
NejraSparkle or shineGirl
NerminaA variant of Nermana, meaning hero.Girl
NihadaCharacter, temperGirl
NijazWish, need, or wantBoy
NijazaWish or needGirl
NisvetaBosnian term for woman.Girl
NusretVictory or helpBoy
NusretaVictory or helpGirl
OrnelaBlack ash treeGirl
PrebenFirst in battleBoy
RazijaShe who is satisfied, content with her life.Girl
RefijaShe who is tall and pretty.Girl
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