162 Bosnian Baby Names With Meanings


Bosnia is a multiethnic, multicultural, and multinational country; the diversity is also mirrored in the Bosnian baby names. Bosnian, a South Slavic language, is the official language of both Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with Serbian and Croatian (1). It’s the uniform version of the Croatian-Serbian language. The language comprises Cyrillic and Latin alphabets and has a few Persian, Arabic, and Turkish words in the lexicon. This is primarily due to Bosnian people’s interaction and friendship with these cultures. And this is the reason Turkish, Arabic, and Persian names are used widely in Bosnia. In Bosnia, it’s a common tradition to put the family name first and then the given name. This way of naming is popular among Bosniaks, Serbs, and Croats, showing how much they value their family connections. You might also notice that many last names end with ‘-ić,’ and some even have ‘-begović’ (2). These endings bring a touch of history to the names, showing the long stories behind them. In Bosnia, last names are often passed down from dads to sons. As a result, it’s common for sons to bear their father’s surname, maintaining a strong link to their family line. After marriage, it’s typical for wives to use their husband’s surnames. This gives the family a sense of belonging and a shared identity (2). Furthermore, the first name or personal name of Bosnians often, but not always, tells about the background and culture of the individual. Bosnian Muslims typically give their children personal names and derivations of the original Arabic name. They also pay extreme importance to the meaning of the name because it has been made clear in the Hadith to pick only beautiful and good names for children. Similarly, Christians and Hebrews residing in Bosnia pick names derived from the Bible, Torah, and Old Testament. If you need help selecting an ideal Bosnian baby name for your child, look at our list below. We’ve handpicked some of the best Bosnian names for boys and girls. Take a look.

heart image Adelais Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble
heart image Ademir Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble protector
heart image Ajdin Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is bright, happy and lucky
heart image Ajna Baby Girl Sign Girl Real; Original
heart image Ajnur Baby Boy Sign Boy Moonlight; Glow of the moon
heart image Aleza Baby Girl Sign Girl Joy; Laughter of Ali
heart image Alija Baby Boy Sign Boy Highly regarded
heart image Almedina Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is devoted to faith; One who is civilized
heart image Amela Baby Girl Sign Girl Work; Effort
heart image Andela Baby Girl Sign Girl Messenger
heart image Asja Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Anastasia; Resurrection
heart image Azem Baby Boy Sign Boy Big or large
heart image Bahrudin Baby Boy Sign Boy Glow of faith
heart image Basic Baby Boy Sign Boy Head or headman
heart image Basich Baby Boy Sign Boy Head or headman
heart image Beg Baby Boy Sign Boy A title of respect
heart image Behrem Baby Boy Sign Boy Planet Mars
heart image Berberich Baby Boy Sign Boy Barber
heart image Berina Baby Girl Sign Girl Best; Highest
heart image Besim Baby Boy Sign Boy A happy soul
heart image Besima Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is always smiling and happy
heart image Borya Baby Boy Sign Boy Battle or war
heart image Daut Baby Boy Sign Boy A variant of David; Beloved
heart image Davud Baby Boy Sign Boy A variant of David; Beloved
heart image Dedic Baby Boy Sign Boy Grandfather
heart image Edhem Baby Boy Sign Boy Dark-skinned; Black
heart image Ejub Baby Boy Sign Boy Bosnian version of the name Ayub; Returning to God; Repenting
heart image Ekrem Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is most noble or most respected
heart image Elizabeta Baby Girl Sign Girl My God is abundance
heart image Elmedina Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is devoted to faith or civilized; A variant of Almedina
heart image Elvedin Baby Boy Sign Boy Benevolence of faith; Gift
heart image Emela Baby Girl Sign Girl Hope; Inspiration
heart image Emina Baby Girl Sign Girl A trustworthy person
heart image Enas Baby Girl Sign Girl One with a friendly and jovial demeanor
heart image Enes Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is sociable
heart image Enis Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is friendly
heart image Enisa Baby Girl Sign Girl Friend; Companion
heart image Esad Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is very lucky
heart image Fahreta Baby Girl Sign Girl Fame; Greatness; Brilliance
heart image Fahrudin Baby Boy Sign Boy Pride of faith
heart image Feriz Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is lucky or fortunate
heart image Fikret Baby Boy Sign Boy Thought
heart image Fikreta Baby Girl Sign Girl Thought
heart image Galiba Baby Girl Sign Girl Winner
heart image Ganib Baby Boy Sign Boy Blessed by rich loot or winnings
heart image Hamdija Baby Boy Sign Boy The praised one
heart image Hasnija Baby Girl Sign Girl Beauty
heart image Husnija Baby Boy Sign Boy Bosnian form of Husain; Handsome
heart image Ifeta Baby Girl Sign Girl Innocent; Virtuous
heart image Ilda Baby Girl Sign Girl A heroine in the battle
heart image Ilhana Baby Girl Sign Girl Melody; Inspiration; Composition
heart image Imad Baby Boy Sign Boy Pillar; Support; Mainstay
heart image Irma Baby Girl Sign Girl Universal; Whole
heart image Irmela Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is gorgeous, shiny, and radiant
heart image Ismet Baby Boy Sign Boy Innocent; Saved from sin
heart image Ismeta Baby Girl Sign Girl Innocent; Saved from sin
heart image Izet Baby Boy Sign Boy Greatness; Glory
heart image Izeta Baby Girl Sign Girl Power; Influence
heart image Izudin Baby Boy Sign Boy Power; Glory of faith
heart image Jasminka Baby Girl Sign Girl Bosnian term for Jasmine
heart image Jusuf Baby Boy Sign Boy God increases in strength, power
heart image Kauzlarich Baby Boy Sign Boy Screeching owl
heart image Lajla Baby Girl Sign Girl Beauty of the night; Dark haired beauty
heart image Lamija Baby Girl Sign Girl One with a shining, glowing personality
heart image Lejla Baby Girl Sign Girl A dark-haired beautiful woman who is born at night
heart image Ljiljan Baby Boy Sign Boy Lily flower
heart image Mehmed Baby Boy Sign Boy Praised
heart image Meliha Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful woman
heart image Mensur Baby Boy Sign Boy Victorious
heart image Merima Baby Girl Sign Girl Bosnian form of Mary, meaning star of the sea
heart image Merjem Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Mary, meaning bitterness
heart image Merjema Baby Girl Sign Girl Bosnian form of Mary, meaning star of the sea
heart image Mersada Baby Girl Sign Girl Watchtower or supervision
heart image Mersiha Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Grateful or thankful
heart image Mesich Baby Boy Sign Boy Turkish form of Mohammed, meaning praise or praiseworthy
heart image Mineta Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is merciful and generous
heart image Mirzeta Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess
heart image Mubera Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is innocent and respected
heart image Muharem Baby Boy Sign Boy Sacred; Forbidden; Holy
heart image Muniba Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is devoted to God
heart image Munira Baby Girl Sign Girl Glowing, illuminated
heart image Muris Baby Boy Sign Boy One who leaves an inheritance
heart image Murisa Baby Girl Sign Girl One who leaves an inheritance
heart image Nastasja Baby Girl Sign Girl Resurrected through baptism
heart image Nebojsa Baby Boy Sign Boy Without fear
heart image Nejra Baby Girl Sign Girl Sparkle or shine
heart image Nermana Baby Girl Sign Girl Hero
heart image Nermina Baby Girl Sign Girl A variant of Nermana; Hero
heart image Nihada Baby Girl Sign Girl Character; Temper
heart image Nijaz Baby Boy Sign Boy Wish; Need or want
heart image Nijaza Baby Girl Sign Girl Wish or need
heart image Nisveta Baby Girl Sign Girl Bosnian term for woman
heart image Nurija Baby Boy Sign Boy Light
heart image Nusret Baby Boy Sign Boy Victory; Help
heart image Nusreta Baby Girl Sign Girl Victory; Help
heart image Ornela Baby Girl Sign Girl Black ash tree
heart image Ozanich Baby Boy Sign Boy Bard
heart image Preben Baby Boy Sign Boy First in battle
heart image Razija Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is satisfied or content with her life.
heart image Refija Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is tall and pretty
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Bosnian baby names serve as a reminder of the beauty that lies in preserving and respecting one’s roots in a world where ethnic fusion is becoming more popular. Names like Azem, Basich, and Tarik function as cultural and traditional identities enabling parents to pass on a piece of their legacy to the next generation. First names serve as cultural signs, while family names reflect an honored heritage, creating names rich in legacy. The naming system in Bosnia is a window to unity, an intersection of religion and the whispered stories of ancestors.

Infographic: Beautiful Bosnian Baby Names That You Will Love

These names, embedded in Bosnia's rich and diverse history, convey power, unity, and originality. Bosnian naming conventions are more than just labels; they represent a harmonious fusion of faith, culture, and language. Explore our selected list of Bosnian baby names if you're looking for a name that's more than just a label - a name that's a legacy.

cultural and meaningful bosnian baby names (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Bosnian naming customs?

In Bosnia, the family name usually comes before the personal given name. An example is KAČIĆ Ivan. This convention is followed by Bosniaks, Croats, and Serbs. Surnames can have the suffix ‘-ić,' while family names can end in ‘-begović’. The last names are usually passed through the male side of the family.

2. What is the process of naming a child with a Bosnian name, and what factors are typically considered?

Many family names in Bosnia have the surname suffix -ić. They are commonly -ević or -ović. These names can end in -begović. Bosnian names can indicate ethnicity. For example, MUSTAFAGIĆ has the Islamic component ‘Mustafa’. hadj or bey are some Bosnian names that show Islamic or Turkish roots (3).


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