74 Bosnian Baby Girl Names With Meanings


When it comes to naming their little bundles of joy, parents around the world seek names that carry significant meanings. There is a treasure trove of Bosnian girl names in the rich Bosnian culture that sound beautiful and contain deep symbolic value. These names have a distinct charisma that appeals to parents all around the world.

People who pick Bosnian baby girl names for their daughters often do so to honor the rich Bosnian heritage and deep ancestral roots. These names become more than identifiers; they become a connection to a common past, a reminder of traditions, and a homage to the values that generations appreciate. The bearer of a Bosnian name bears a sense of pride in their ethnic identity and an understanding of the history it represents.

In Bosnia, it is customary to use the family name before the given name, forming names with structures like 'KAČIĆ Ivan.' This practice is extensively followed among Bosniaks, Serbs, and Croats, emphasizing the importance of familial identification. Surnames in Bosnia often have the suffix '-ić,' while other family names may conclude with '-begović,' adding a sense of generational depth to the names (1).

In Bosnia, family names are mostly passed down through the male lineage.
Sons consequently commonly take on their father's last name, retaining a strong patrilineal connection within the family. In the context of marriage, it is common for wives to adopt their husband's family name, enhancing the feeling of unity and a shared sense of identity within the household (1).

Bosnian names often reflect peoples' ethnic heritage. Bosniaks, for example, typically have names taken from Islamic or Turkish origins. This practice represents cultural heritage and acts as a source of identification and pride, highlighting the numerous historical influences that have created Bosnia's naming practices.

heart image Ajna Baby Girl Sign Girl Real; Original
heart image Aleza Baby Girl Sign Girl Joy; Laughter of Ali
heart image Almedina Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is devoted to faith; One who is civilized
heart image Amela Baby Girl Sign Girl Work; Effort
heart image Andela Baby Girl Sign Girl Messenger
heart image Asja Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Anastasia; Resurrection
heart image Berina Baby Girl Sign Girl Best; Highest
heart image Besima Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is always smiling and happy
heart image Elizabeta Baby Girl Sign Girl My God is abundance
heart image Elmedina Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is devoted to faith or civilized; A variant of Almedina
heart image Emela Baby Girl Sign Girl Hope; Inspiration
heart image Emina Baby Girl Sign Girl A trustworthy person
heart image Enas Baby Girl Sign Girl One with a friendly and jovial demeanor
heart image Enisa Baby Girl Sign Girl Friend; Companion
heart image Fahreta Baby Girl Sign Girl Fame; Greatness; Brilliance
heart image Fikreta Baby Girl Sign Girl Thought
heart image Galiba Baby Girl Sign Girl Winner
heart image Hasnija Baby Girl Sign Girl Beauty
heart image Ifeta Baby Girl Sign Girl Innocent; Virtuous
heart image Ilda Baby Girl Sign Girl A heroine in the battle
heart image Ilhana Baby Girl Sign Girl Melody; Inspiration; Composition
heart image Irma Baby Girl Sign Girl Universal; Whole
heart image Irmela Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is gorgeous, shiny, and radiant
heart image Ismeta Baby Girl Sign Girl Innocent; Saved from sin
heart image Izeta Baby Girl Sign Girl Power; Influence
heart image Jasminka Baby Girl Sign Girl Bosnian term for Jasmine
heart image Lajla Baby Girl Sign Girl Beauty of the night; Dark haired beauty
heart image Lamija Baby Girl Sign Girl One with a shining, glowing personality
heart image Lejla Baby Girl Sign Girl A dark-haired beautiful woman who is born at night
heart image Meliha Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful woman
heart image Merima Baby Girl Sign Girl Bosnian form of Mary, meaning star of the sea
heart image Merjem Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Mary, meaning bitterness
heart image Merjema Baby Girl Sign Girl Bosnian form of Mary, meaning star of the sea
heart image Mersada Baby Girl Sign Girl Watchtower or supervision
heart image Mersiha Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Grateful or thankful
heart image Mineta Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is merciful and generous
heart image Mirzeta Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess
heart image Mubera Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is innocent and respected
heart image Muniba Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is devoted to God
heart image Munira Baby Girl Sign Girl Glowing, illuminated
heart image Murisa Baby Girl Sign Girl One who leaves an inheritance
heart image Nastasja Baby Girl Sign Girl Resurrected through baptism
heart image Nejra Baby Girl Sign Girl Sparkle or shine
heart image Nermana Baby Girl Sign Girl Hero
heart image Nermina Baby Girl Sign Girl A variant of Nermana; Hero
heart image Nihada Baby Girl Sign Girl Character; Temper
heart image Nijaza Baby Girl Sign Girl Wish or need
heart image Nisveta Baby Girl Sign Girl Bosnian term for woman
heart image Nusreta Baby Girl Sign Girl Victory; Help
heart image Ornela Baby Girl Sign Girl Black ash tree
heart image Razija Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is satisfied or content with her life.
heart image Refija Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is tall and pretty
heart image Refika Baby Girl Sign Girl Friend; Companion
heart image Rejhana Baby Girl Sign Girl A version of Rihanna, meaning basil plant
heart image Sadeta Baby Girl Sign Girl Felicity; Fortune; Joy
heart image Safeta Baby Girl Sign Girl Clean; Pure
heart image Safija Baby Girl Sign Girl Bosnian form of Safiya; Clean; Pure
heart image Sajra Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Sara; Princess
heart image Sakiba Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is sharp-minded
heart image Samija Baby Girl Sign Girl Elevated; High
heart image Samra Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is dark or dark-skinned
heart image Selveta Baby Girl Sign Girl Comfort; Consolation
heart image Senadina Baby Girl Sign Girl Glow of faith
heart image Subhija Baby Girl Sign Girl Dawn or early bird
heart image Tevhida Baby Girl Sign Girl Belief in God's oneness
heart image Umihana Baby Girl Sign Girl Mother of Hani
heart image Vahida Baby Girl Sign Girl Single; One
heart image Vildana Baby Girl Sign Girl Children
heart image Wasifah Baby Girl Sign Girl One who describes
heart image Wejah Baby Girl Sign Girl She who practices purdah
heart image Yaroslava Baby Girl Sign Girl Spring glory
heart image Zahida Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is restrained; Devoted to God
heart image Zehra Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright, luminous
heart image Zineta Baby Girl Sign Girl Jewelry, decoration

Bosnian girl names are an excellent way to honor cultural history and traditions. With family names preceding personal names and the use of suffixes, Bosnian names carry a sense of historical richness and uniqueness. In these names that reflect the ideals held dearly by Bosnians over the years, the parents see a distinct identity for their daughters. You can pick a name with a beautiful meaning that matches your child’s personality. 

Infographic: Delightful Bosnian Baby Girl Names

Bringing your child into the world is a momentous occasion, and selecting the appropriate name is a meaningful endeavor. Bosnian girl names provide an amazing combination of cultural significance and history that will resonate throughout your child's life. Go through our selection of Bosnian names and select your favorite one for your charming little queen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do Bosnian names compare to names from other Slavic countries?

In Bosnia, family names come before personal names, while Eastern Slavic naming customs in Russia involve inflection and derivation. Bosnian names reflect ethnic identities, and wives often adopt their husbands' names. Diminutive forms are obligatory in East Slavic languages. The use of suffixes is limited to T-addressing. Overall, naming conventions vary among Slavic countries, with unique features and cultural influences shaping naming practices (1).

2.Are there any Bosnian baby girl names that have religious or cultural significance?

Some Bosnian baby girl names with religious or cultural significance include Elizabeta, meaning 'dedicated to God,' Ilda, representing a heroine in battle; Merjem, a variant of Mary; and Muniba, symbolizing devotion to God.

3.What Bosnian baby girl name means 'happiness'?

The Bosnian baby girl's name that means 'happiness' is Besima. It signifies someone who is constantly smiling and happy. Another relevant name is Sadeta, which also conveys joy.

4.Is there a feminine Bosnian name that means 'beautiful'?

In Bosnian culture, Hasnija signifies 'beauty,' while Lejla represents a dark-haired, stunning woman born at night. Meliha, on the other hand, denotes a woman who is both beautiful and pretty.

5.What cultural factors influence the naming of Bosnian baby girls?

Several cultural factors influence the naming of Bosnian baby girls. In Bosnia, the family name precedes the personal name, and this convention is shared among Bosniaks, Serbs, and Croats. Surnames may contain the suffix '-ić,' and Bosnian family names can end in '-begović' (1).


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