201 Baby Boy Names That Start With Abh

AbhejayThe one who brings victory.Boy
AbheyFearless; Brave; CourageousBoy
AbhiFearless; Brave; CourageousBoy
AbhibhavaOverpowering; Powerful; Victorious; Influential; Mighty; PotentBoy
AbhibhuTo Overcome; Conquer; To gain a victory; masterBoy
AbhicandraHaving a Moon Like Face; Beautiful like a moonBoy
AbhichandraHaving a Moon Like Face; Beautiful like a moonBoy
AbhideepIlluminated; Radiant; GloriousBoy
AbhidhaName; Word; Sound; Literal MeaningBoy
AbhidhanRefers to vocabulary or word list.Boy
AbhidharWho Wears SerpentsBoy
AbhidharmHighest DharmaBoy
AbhidhyanDream or deep consideration.Boy
AbhidiRadiant; Expression; distinctive and illuminatingBoy
AbhidipaBrightened or lightened.Boy
AbhidyuHeavenly; Bright; Radiant; IlluminousBoy
AbhigamPerception; ConsiderableBoy
AbhigeetPraised in SongBoy
AbhigitaA happy go lucky and spontaneous personBoy
AbhignanThe one who has perfect wisdom.Boy
AbhigyaanSource of Knowledge; WisdomBoy
AbhigyanMost Intelligent; Recollection; Wisdom; KnowledgeableBoy
AbhihavaMost Intelligent; Recollection; Wisdom; KnowledgeableBoy
AbhihitaExpression; Word; Name; meaningBoy
AbhijaatWell Born; Wise and knowledgeableBoy
AbhijanyaBorn to take the fear away.Boy
AbhijatNoble; Wise; Knowledgeable; Intelligent; BrightBoy
AbhijataThe one who was born in a very decent family.Boy
AbhijayVictor; triumph; successful; WinnerBoy
AbhijayaConquest; Complete Victory; triumph; successfulBoy
AbhijiThe person who is victorious; Lord KrishnaBoy
AbhijiatNoble and wise; knowledgeableBoy
AbhijinThe Most Auspicious MomentBoy
AbhijitOne who is Victorious; triumph; successfulBoy
AbhijithOne who is Victorious; A variant of Abhijit; triumph; successfulBoy
AbhijnanaReminiscence or memory.Boy
AbhijunExpert; Skilled; To help; experiencedBoy
AbhijvalaBlazing ForthBoy
AbhikBeloved; Dearest to Heart; Most LovedBoy
AbhikaThe one who is valour and pluck.Boy
AbhikamaFondness or wish.Boy
AbhilashDesire; Wish; Crave; Longing; WantBoy
AbhileshImmortal; Unique; one who has no equivalentBoy
AbhimaThe one who destroys the fear , Lord Vishnu.Boy
AbhimaanPride; majestic; magnificentBoy
AbhimakarOne who has or Gives WarmthBoy
AbhimanPride; majestic; magnificentBoy
AbhimandGladdening; happiness; joyfulBoy
AbhimaneeFull of pride, A variant of AbhimaanBoy

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