3386 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter B

Baby Boy Names Starts With B

Being the second letter of the alphabet, B represents emotions and duality. It has an aura of contentment and serenity, which will lead your baby to the path of spiritual learning, ultimately leading to happiness.

People with letter B in their initial are very courteous, cooperative, and considerate. They have the innate ability to sense the feelings of others and handle even the most complicated problems and situations. The best trait about them is that they deal with people with utmost ease, care, and sensitivity, even if they’re not in the best of moods. Furthermore, harmony and peace are essential to them, so much that they avoid all kinds of hassles and confrontation. But never make the mistake of taking them for granted, because they act when the moment’s right. It may seem that they take a backseat in times of crisis, but in reality, they are sitting out the storm.

The only negative side about them is that they can be a bit self-absorbed and can take things personally.

If you’re looking for beautiful names with the initial B, you’ve landed at the right place! From Ba to Byue, MomJunction's list of these sweet and wonderful baby boy names starting with B will definitely make him stand out from the crowd.

BabatunjiThe father returns again.Boy
BabbaA brother; who always protectsBoy
BabbaghaParrot; A variant of name BabghalBoy
BabbuA diligent and preserving servantBoy
BabeeshOne who has a desire to do thingsBoy
BabelA confused person; perfect mixtureBoy
BaberOne who has a feeling of self assurance; LionBoy
BabghaA spontaneous and happy to go lucky personBoy
BabhruMan with Fierce and Brown hair; One of many names of Lord Krishna; Son of DhurvaBoy
BabhruvahanaName of a character of MahabharataBoy
BabiOne who has an analytical and clever mindBoy
BabijiGood Person; Kind and CaringBoy
BabilOne who is renowned for magic and mindBoy
BabilaLittle Girl; Young Girl; Sweet GirlBoy
BabiyaLittle Girl; Young Girl; Sweet GirlBoy
BabiyahOne who is a diligent and hard workerBoy
BaboCute; PleasingBoy
BaboorAfghan - Happiness; Turkish - Lion; A variant of name Babor and BaburBoy
BabrA miraculous being; Lion who is the king of the jungleBoy
BabrakBabrak is the Pashto word of the little basilica flowerBoy
BabuA Hindu Gentleman; A title used for calling with respectBoy
BabulA pleasanr and one with an easy going personalityBoy
BabulalBeautiful; Good Looking; Pleasing; Charming GentlemanBoy
BabunajA wild Ivy; expressive personBoy
BaburOne who has the power of a TigerBoy
BaburamLeader of a Rebellion; Head of an uprising; Refering to Lord Ram as the LeaderBoy
BacchusLatin - God of Wine; A variant form of the Greek name Bakchos which means to shoutBoy
BaccusOne who lives in the bakehouse; to shoutBoy
BacgaOne who is quick minded and versatileBoy
BachOne who lives by the streamBoy
BachaBacha, also the name of a famous Pashtun leader, means kingBoy
BachanOne who understands life; cookBoy
BachanbirBrave Promise; Promise of a Warrior; A derivative from name Bachan which means PromiseBoy
BachanmeetPromise of Friendship; A derivative from name Bachan which means PromiseBoy
BachanpreetPromise of Love; Promise of Affection; A derivative from name Bachan which means PromiseBoy
BachanroopPromise of Embodiment; Promise of fullfilment; A derivative from name Bachan which means PromiseBoy
BachansukhPromise of Happiness; Promise of Joy; A derivative from name Bachan which means PromiseBoy
BacharOne who is filled with joyBoy
BachaspatiOne with the best eyesight and visionBoy
BachchaChild; Baby; Infant; Little one; OffspringBoy
BachilOne who Speaks Much; Talkative Person;Boy
BachintOne who is without worryBoy
BachirOne who announces the good newsBoy
BachittarWounderous Merits; One who has amazing virtues;Boy
BackstereA very good baker; has a loving personalityBoy
BaconAn old baker; one who cuts meetBoy
BadaatA likable and good natured human being; wonderfulBoy
BadalCloud; RainBoy
BadamIt is Pashto for almond.Boy
BadanA wild Boar; majestic and expressiveBoy

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