3386 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter B

Baby Boy Names Starts With B

Being the second letter of the alphabet, B represents emotions and duality. It has an aura of contentment and serenity, which will lead your baby to the path of spiritual learning, ultimately leading to happiness.

People with letter B in their initial are very courteous, cooperative, and considerate. They have the innate ability to sense the feelings of others and handle even the most complicated problems and situations. The best trait about them is that they deal with people with utmost ease, care, and sensitivity, even if they’re not in the best of moods. Furthermore, harmony and peace are essential to them, so much that they avoid all kinds of hassles and confrontation. But never make the mistake of taking them for granted, because they act when the moment’s right. It may seem that they take a backseat in times of crisis, but in reality, they are sitting out the storm.

The only negative side about them is that they can be a bit self-absorbed and can take things personally.

If you’re looking for beautiful names with the initial B, you’ve landed at the right place! From Ba to Byue, MomJunction's list of these sweet and wonderful baby boy names starting with B will definitely make him stand out from the crowd.

BadranjOne who can survive in any environmentBoy
BadrawiOne who is like the full moon, beautiful and radiant.Boy
BadrealamA leader and a organizerBoy
BadriA name of Lord VishnuBoy
Badri NarayananName of Lord Vishnu; a competent personBoy
Badri prasadA gift given by Badri or Lord vishnuBoy
BadrickOne who is mighty and powerful in the battle.Boy
BadrinarayanOne of the many names of Lord Vishnu; A derivative name from BadhriBoy
BadrinarayanaOne of the many names of Lord Vishnu; A derivative name from BadhriBoy
BadrinathLord Of Mount Badri, One of the many names of Lord Vishnu; A derivative name from BadhriBoy
BadriprasadA very good present by GodBoy
BadrishOne of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
BadriyyahOne who resembles the full moonBoy
BadruArabic - Full Moon; A variant of name BadrBoy
BadruddinA full moon of religion and faithBoy
BadruddujaFull moon on a dark nightBoy
BadrudeenA faithful person; full moonBoy
BadrudinA faithful person; one who is charismaticBoy
BadsahLeader; King; Ruler; Emperor;Boy
BadshahLeader; King; Ruler; Emperor;Boy
BadulfA diligent and hard working personBoy
BaduliLogician; Theorist; Dreamer; Thinker; PhilosopherBoy
BaeA quick and high ranked personBoy
BaecciA slope; they are versatile and efficientBoy
BaecgaOne who is in great love of natureBoy
BaeddanA mighty and wild BoarBoy
BaeddelAn efficient person; desire to understandBoy
BaeddiAn eccentric, bashful and versatile personBoy
BaegaOne who keeps the pace of timeBoy
BaegiA clever minded and self sufficient individualBoy
BaeglocA graceful, bright and articulative beingBoy
Baek Hyeon (백현)Baek means older brother and Hyeon means worthy and virtuous. Hence, the name means virtuous brotherBoy
BaeldaegOne who appreciates finer thingsBoy
BaerbaldA determined and clever personBoy
BaerhloewA ruler who lives on hillBoy
BaerlaA free oriented personBoy
BaerwaldOne who is good natured and full of funBoy
BaesselAn expressive and creative human beingBoy
BagaOne who has the ability to understand; God givenBoy
BagaskoroSun raysBoy
BagathDevotee; To Serve; To Adore;Boy
BagavathiName of Hindu Goddess; Common Name of Lakshmi,Saraswathi,Durga DeviBoy
BagdemagusThe father of Meleagant; honorBoy
BaggaPure and White; It is a surname belonging to community in Northern PunjabBoy
BaghawiResidents of Bagh Or Bagshur in Khurasan.Boy
BaghdadCapital of Iraq; Bank of TigrisBoy
BaghelThe powerful OxBoy
BaghinderTiger; KingBoy
BaghishLight rain that affects just a small area.Boy
BaghlAn Ox; One who is majestic and powerfulBoy

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