105 Baby Boy Names That Start With Jas

JasiyahThe 45th Surah of the QiirayiBoy
JasjeetA grand victoryBoy
JasjeevTo live a life of gloryBoy
JasjeevanLove with life; One who is dear and beloved to lifeBoy
JasjinderGlory of God; Honour of God; Fame of God; Magnificence of GodBoy
JasjitA glorious victoryBoy
JasjotFlame of Glory; Brightness of Splendidness; Radiance and Luminance of MagnificenceBoy
JaskamalGlory of Lotus; Fame of Lotus; Magnificence of Lotus; Splendidness of Lotus;Boy
JaskanwalGlory of Lotus; Fame of Lotus; Magnificence of Lotus; Splendidness of Lotus;Boy
JaskaramGlorious Destiny; Magnificent and Splendid fortuneBoy
JaskaranA good deedBoy
JaskeeratSing God's Praises or Glory; One who worships God and adores him with his songsBoy
JaskiratOne who sings prayersBoy
JaskiritPraises of the Lord; Glory of the God; Splendidness of LordBoy
JaskirpalGod's gloryBoy
JasleenAbsorbed in Singing God's Praises; Immersed in adoring God; Engrossed in singing God's charmBoy
JaslokThe glorious oneBoy
JasmailGlorious union with GodBoy
JasmanvirSikh name for BoysBoy
JasmelGlory with the union of GodBoy
JasmerHindu name for BoysBoy
JasminderLord of Glory; God of Splendidness; Magnificent GodBoy
JasminjeetVictory of Flower; Triumph of FlowerBoy
JasminpreetA lovely flowerBoy
JasmirA strong manBoy
JasmitGlorious Friend; Famous Friend; A splendid companionBoy
JasmohanOne who praises GodBoy
JasmohinderGlory of the LordBoy
JasnamShaning glory of naamBoy
JasodaMother of Lord KrishnaBoy
JasodhraMother of Lord BuddhaBoy
JasonOld Greek - To heal; Healer; A biblical name derived from the element 'iasthai' which means to healBoy
JasonthOne who curesBoy
JaspaalOne of many names of Lord Krishna; A variant spelling of JaspalBoy
JaspalName of Lord KrishnaBoy
JasparOne who guards the treasureBoy
JasperOne who brings treasureBoy
JaspinderLord's gloryUnisex
JaspreetOne who sings praises of the LordUnisex
JaspremLove of gloryBoy
JasraajA famous kingBoy
JasrajKing of fameBoy
JasrajpreetLove with Kingdom and Praise; A King who is adored and famousBoy
JasroopEmbodiment of gloryBoy
JassemOne of high statureBoy
JastejGlow of the Glory; Radiance and Luminance of SplendourBoy
JastekGlorious Support; Splendid SupportBoy
JastinLatin - Just; Righteous; Fair; Judicious; A variant of JustinBoy
JasurOne who has courageBoy
JasveerA famous heroBoy

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