207 Baby Boy Names That Start With Kar

KarmeganRain-bearing Cloud; Resourceful; Dark and grey cloudsBoy
KarmendraThe name means God of ActionBoy
KarmjitThe meaning of the name is Winner Over ObstaclesBoy
KarmsheelDutiful; Devoted; Obedient; Compliant in work and dutiesBoy
KarmuhilanThe name maens Rain-Bearing CloudBoy
KarnA variant of name Karna; Mythological Character; Name of eldest son of Kunti Devi; Half brother of PandavasBoy
KarnaKarna means EarBoy
KarnabhushanThe name means Ear Ornament, EarringBoy
KarnadevGod of Karna; Lord of KarnaBoy
KarnadharaOne who Holds Others by the Ear; A Leader; PilotBoy
KarnailWinner over Obstacles; One who overcomes all hindrances; Victorious over barriersBoy
KarnajeetKarnajeet means Conquerer of KarnaBoy
KarnakHeart; Has a Sanskrit meaning as "A chamber of the heart"Boy
KarnakaOne who is pleasure to hear; pleasantBoy
KarnamKarnam means FramedBoy
KarnanMythological Character; Eldest of the Pandavas; Name of son of Kunti Devi known for his benevolence and righteousnessBoy
KarnanduA variant of the name Karna who was a mythological character in Indian Epic MahabharatBoy
KarneshLord of Mercy, Compassion, Benevolence and KindnessBoy
KarnikJudge; One who is in control;Boy
KarnikiThe name means He who is in ControlBoy
KarnkaaA spontaneous, bubbling and happy go lucky personBoy
KarolKarol means Strong, ManlyBoy
KarolosKarolos means Full-GrownBoy
KarolusKarolus means Champion.StrongBoy
KarolyThe name Karoly means Strong ManBoy
KaroobiKaroobi means AngelBoy
KaroonA varaint spelling of name Karun which means maker, creator in SanskritBoy
KarouKarou means Fragantunisex
KarpakarajThe name means Lord of KaruppasamyBoy
KarpoorCamphor; A variant spelling is KarpurBoy
KarpurCamphor; A variant spelling is KarpoorBoy
KarrKarr means Swamp, From the MarshBoy
KarraarKarrar means Attacking ViolentlyBoy
KarrarKarrar means To AttackBoy
KarriKarri means PureBoy
KarriemKarriem means One who is Generous and DestinguishedBoy
KarringtonKarrington menas One who is AdmiredBoy
KarryghanKarryghan means The Admired OneBoy
KarsanjiOne of many names of Lord KrishnaBoy
KarsenThe name Karsen means A Follower of ChristBoy
KarsharBeautiful Blonde-Haired ManBoy
KarsonKarson means A ChristianBoy
KarstenKarsten means A Man of Christian FaithBoy
KarstonKarston means AnointedBoy
KartaKarta means The ActorBoy
KartaaraThe Father; Lord of all creations; A variant spelling is KartaraBoy
KartalKartal means Resembling an EagleBoy
KartarThe name means MasterBoy
KartaviryaThe name means Of Destructive AbilityBoy
Kartavirya arjunaMeans The One who is not DestructiveBoy

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