69 Baby Boy Names That Start With Nik

NikThe triumphant of the general public.Boy
NikaThe one who is for God's purpose.Unisex
NikandrosVictory of a manBoy
NikashDistance, skyline, possibility, perspective.Boy
NikatMiasma, haze, condensation, precipitation, mist.Boy
NikauName of a palm tree found in New ZealandBoy
NikeizaJesus Christ in the triumph of the world.Unisex
NikeshAnother name for Lord Sri Maha Vishnu.Boy
NiketFamily, tower, homemade, castle, household.Boy
NiketanDwelling, residence, domicile, house, home.Boy
NiketanaA mansion or a houseBoy
NikethanUniqueness, creativity, innovation, freshness.Boy
NikhaelThe sea of affection, the ocean of adoration.Boy
NikhalasApproachable, welcoming, pleasant, kindly.Boy
NikharProspering, developing, maturing, blooming.Boy
NikhatAttar, perfume, cologne, scent.Boy
NikhilPerfect, complete, whole, all-inclusive, intact.Boy
NikhilchandraCastle, hall, lodge, grange, house.Boy
NikhileshThe master of the world.Boy
NikhileshwaraThe monarch of whole world.Boy
NikhinThe ruler of snakes.Boy
NikhleshThe Lord of the worldBoy
NikiforBlugarian form of Nicephorus, meaning bringer of victory.Boy
NikilThe winning person on behalf of people.Boy
NikilanGorgeous, stunning, fine-looking, handsome.Boy
NikitA good person, best qualitiesBoy
NikitaUnbeatable, supreme, invincible, indomitable.Unisex
NikithThe best mankind who possesses ultimate good qualities and attitudes.Boy
NikkThe one who wins over allBoy
NikkiThe spirit of triumph.Boy
NikkoThe deity of success.Boy
NiklaasTriumph which belongs to the nation.Boy
NiklasSuccess belongs to the people.Boy
NiklausThe conquer for the nation.Boy
NikoConquest of the nation.Boy
NikodemVictory of the nation.Boy
NikodemusTriumph that belongs to the multitude.Boy
NikohlConquest of the people of nation.Boy
NikolaGlorious triumph of the nation.Boy
NikolaiVictorious triumph of the people.Boy
NikolaisEstonian form of Nicholas. It means victory of the people.Boy
NikolajThe victor among allBoy
NikolajsA form of Nicholas, meaning people's victory.Boy
NikolaosWinning voice of people.Boy
NikolasShouting voice of victorious people.Boy
NikolaszVoice of winning people.Boy
NikolausThe champion of the nation.Boy
NikolayThe triumph of the public.Boy

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