35 Baby Boy Names That Start With Nit

NitaiThe one who follows or worship GaurangBoy
NitalakshaThe aim of moralityBoy
NitalekshanaThe indication or symptoms of moralityBoy
NitashaA blessed person, blessed by AlmightyBoy
NiteenAn ethical personBoy
NiteeshThe God of moralityBoy
NitenA person full of moral or ethicsBoy
NitendraThe king of ethics and moralityBoy
NiteshThe Lord of ethicsBoy
Nitesh nitinThe lord of Moral valuesBoy
NithContinuous, that cannot be seizedBoy
NitheeshThe God of law, who is justBoy
NithikThe masters of justiceBoy
NithilA beautiful pearlBoy
NithilanAn un-adultered pearlBoy
NithileshThe God of pearlsBoy
NithinThe right path or the moral valuesBoy
NithinlalA Boy who follows the right pathBoy
NithishThe lord of MoralsBoy
NiththisThe moral LordBoy
NitimanOne who is a pride of MoralityBoy
NitinModest person, moral personBoy
NitishThe Lord of ethics and moralityBoy
NitnamOne who remembers the LordBoy
NittienAlways on moral pathBoy
NityaOne who is forever, eternalUnisex
NityagopalAn eternal cow-herdBoy
NityamOne who is constantBoy
NityanThat never ends, a constantBoy
NityanandThe continuous happinessBoy
NityanandaThe constant joy, that never endsBoy
NityantaNever-ending, that never endsBoy
NityapriyaThe everlasting friendshipBoy
NityasriAn eternal womanBoy
NityayujOne who is constantly without equalityBoy

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