278 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ri

RiaanA young KingBoy
RiaasatOne who is the leader of the entire stateBoy
RiacatA male baby name that is of old English originBoy
RiadSpacious meadows and beutiful gardensBoy
RiainOne who is a young, little kingBoy
RialobraniA male name of Old Latin origin, the meaning is uncertainBoy
RialobranusAn old Latin name, meaning is uncertainBoy
RianA King, a Ruler, a royal oneBoy
RiasatThe state's leaderBoy
RiattOne who comes from the forest near the little forth. Moslty used as a surnameBoy
RiazBeautiful gardens with green grass and flowersBoy
Rib'iA Vernal plant that appears in the springtimeBoy
RibaldAn obscure, vulgar personBoy
RicA mighty, powerful and strong ruler of menBoy
RicadeneA feeling that lives inside the rulerBoy
RicardA ruler known for his might and strenghtBoy
RicardoA King known for his might and strenghtBoy
RicardusOne who is a powerful ruler of menBoy
RicaryAn English Surname; A variant spelling is RecareyBoy
RicatiTo be powerful as a rulerBoy
RicbertA bright, strong, powerful and mighty rulerBoy
RiccardoGermanic - Powerful ruler; Strong Ruler; Mighty RulerBoy
RicelA counselor and advisor who is stronger than the rulerBoy
RichanA surname from German Origin; Possible derivative from RichBoy
RichardGermanic - Powerful ruler; Brave Ruler; Heritage; Patrimony;Mighty GuardianBoy
RichardsonThe son of a dominant KingBoy
RichardusOne who rules with power and strenghtBoy
RicharzhBretons form of Richard, meaning brave rulerBoy
RichaunOne who is like a powerful rulerBoy
RicheardTo rule men with power and dignityBoy
RichemanA powerful and dignified manBoy
RichendaA strong and hard rulerBoy
RicherA man of great power and wealthBoy
RicherdOne with a very strong hold on the power and a hardy rulerBoy
RichieA very hard and strict rulerBoy
RichmanA powerful, strong, mighty manBoy
RichmondA very wise and brainy portectorBoy
RichritA powerful one who will lead othersBoy
RichyAn elderly but very powerful and wise rulerBoy
RickOne who is a strict rulerBoy
RickardA powerful and strict ruler of menBoy
RickerOne who has a very strong army at his sideBoy
RickertA powerful, hard rule. Mainly used as a surnameBoy
RickeyA ruler who is kind, loved and powerful. One who is a complete rulerBoy
RickieTo rule strongly and with great powerBoy
RickmanMainly used as an English surname, means a powerful rulerBoy
RickoA mighty and distinguished manBoy
RickonA made up name from the popular books,tv show Game of Thrones. Could mean little king, or impulsiveBoy
RickwardA firm, strong, determined guardianBoy
RickwerdA mighty, determined one who guardsBoy

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