278 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ri

RickwoodA powerful and mighty guardianBoy
RickyA tough, strong, hard rulerBoy
RicmaerA powerful ruler who reached fameBoy
RicmanA man with great power and ruleBoy
RicmannA person who has a power to ruleBoy
RicoA ruler known to be strong and firmBoy
RicsigA name of the Northumbrian kingBoy
RicsigeKing of the Northumbria, an old Northern English KingdomBoy
RicweardA firm and strong man who protects and guardsBoy
RidaA God-fearing pious person who is devoted to GodUnisex
RidanSearcher; One who is very keen; Clever; ShrewdBoy
RidasirajAn Arabic Boy name that is linked to a favorBoy
RidderA knightly person, one who acts like a knightBoy
RiddheshGod of Riddhi. Another name of Lord Ganesha.Boy
RiddhimanA wealthy, pich manBoy
RiddickOne who comes from the clear, smooth fieldsBoy
RiddleyOne who comes from the cleared woodsBoy
RiderOne who is a horsman, a rider of the horseBoy
RiderchA name of Scottish kingsBoy
RidereA man who acts like a true KnightBoy
RidgeOne who comes from the hill, from the ridgeBoy
RidgeieyOne who lives at the meadow ridgeBoy
RidgeleighOne who dwells at the meadow near a ridgeBoy
RidgeleyA man who is from the meadow near a ridgeBoy
RidgelyA person whose home is at the meadow near the ridgeBoy
RidgewayTo be on the ridge roadBoy
RidgleaTo be from the ridge meadowBoy
RidgleeOne who lives at the meadow near the hillBoy
RidgleighA meadow that is near the raised part of solid groundBoy
RidgleyOne who lives by the meadow's edgeBoy
RidhaContentment; Satisfaction; AcceptanceBoy
RidhaaA feeling of utter contentment, acceptance and satisfactionBoy
RidhwaanOne who guards the gates of HeavenBoy
RidhwanA good willed keeper of the Heaven's gatesBoy
RiditWorld; World Known; One of the VedasBoy
RidleaOne who lives in the cleared part of the woodsBoy
RidleighOne who comes from the clearing, a meadowBoy
RidleyEnglish Habitational Surname from the name Reed which means Wood ClearingBoy
RidlyA person who lives in the wood, clearing or a meadowBoy
RidpathA person who lives next to the red pathBoy
RidwanA god-fearing pious man devoted to GodBoy
RiedA red haired man who lives in the cleared landBoy
RiedenEnglish Habitational Surname from the name Reed which means Wood ClearingBoy
RiehardA strong, hard red-haired manBoy
RienceA British baby Boy name, very rareBoy
RiesVirile, Manly; A nickname for a tall man; Male; ManlyBoy
Rifa'ahOne with dignityBoy
RifaaqatHe who is a good companionshipBoy
RifaatOne who has a high status, rankBoy
RifaqatA feeling of friendship and companionshipBoy

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