27 Baby Boy Names That Start With Rus

RusOne who has red hairBoy
RushabhOne who is like a decorationBoy
RushamA woman with peaceful natureBoy
RushanAn illuminated, glowing oneBoy
RushangThe saint's songBoy
RushdA person walking the right pathBoy
RushdamA man rightly guidedBoy
RushdanA man who is guided down the right pathBoy
RushdiA mature man with great wisdomBoy
RusheekA sain't son, also an Earth's LordBoy
RusheelOne blessed with a charming natureBoy
RushiSage; Saint; One who meditates on Lord's Name; Seeker of enlightment; Scholar; Head of the VedasBoy
RushikLord of earthBoy
RushilHe who has a charming personalityBoy
RuskSpanish - Twisted Bread; Habitational name from Gaelic riasg Marsh or Bog; A variant of RuskeBoy
RuskinOne who is from the family of tannersBoy
RuslanA Russian name for one who is like a LionBoy
RussShort from Russel, means a short red oneBoy
RusselA short, red personBoy
RussellOne who is short and red-hairedBoy
RussoA traditional Sicilian surname, means a red oneBoy
RussomOne who is a leader, a head of the chargeUnisex
RustamA tall and strong free manBoy
RustiA variation of Rusty, means a person witha red headUnisex
RustyHe who has a red headBoy
RusulMessengers, Message-bearers.Boy
RusyendraName of an asceticBoy

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