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Congratulations! You’ve finally found that you’ll be blessed with a baby boy soon. We’re sure the bundle of joy will fill your life with wonder, joy, and amazement. Now that you’ve found out the gender of the baby, it’s time you start your hunt for the perfect name. We think the letter S would make a perfect initial for your baby.

S, one of the most compelling letters of the alphabet, is equivalent to one in numerology, the most authoritative number. Therefore, a child with this initial is destined to be successful and influential. The letter S also brings with itself confidence, determination, and conviction, which gives the bearer courage and will power.

S boys are very appreciative of relationships and make good companions, but would require the support of their partner all the time.

Furthermore, some of the most awesome baby boy names start with the letter S, such as Scott, Simon, and Stephen. But there are hundreds of new varieties, which you’re probably not aware of, such as Saacha, Saadhik, and Srecko. So start your hunt right away from MomJunction's baby name list below.

SachThe Lord remembersBoy
SachaThe defender an helper of menUnisex
SachanA person who is friendlyBoy
SachchitA person who is consciouss, but joyfulBoy
SachdeepIndian name meaning the Light of the TruthBoy
SachdevThe Truth of the GodBoy
SachdhianA person who is captivated in truthBoy
SachetThe joy the consciousness bringsBoy
SachetanA person who thinks rationaly, with both feet on the groundBoy
SacheverellA place name, mostly used as a surnameBoy
SachgianA person that posesses the true knowledge of thingsBoy
SachhThe truth and honestyBoy
SachiOne who is the descendant of the Sun GodBoy
SachidanandA person whose mind is good and whose personality is joyfulBoy
SachihiroA broad happinessBoy
SachinA person who is pureBoy
SachindraSomething truthful and honestBoy
SachintThe essence, the existance of thingsBoy
SachishThe Lord IndraBoy
SachisthA person who is the most powerful in helping peopleBoy
SachitTo be joyful and consciousBoy
SachivA person who is friendly, generaly good friends to othersBoy
SachkeeratOne who sings praises of GodsBoy
SachleenOne who is consumed in God's truthBoy
SachmanOne who is true to the core, who is true at heartBoy
SachpreetThe feeling of true love, or the love of GodBoy
SachsevA person who is the servant of the truthBoy
SachsukhA person who found the true peaceBoy
SachveerOne who is bravely fighting and upholding the truthBoy
Sada shivThe God is etarnalBoy
Sada shivaThe auspicious, pure personUnisex
Sada sivamAn encouraging, favorable personBoy
SadaaqatThe sincerity, the truth of thingsBoy
SadaatThose who are the children of Hazrat FatimaBoy
SadabinduThe name of Lord VinshuBoy
SadadOne who does the right thing or has a lucky handBoy
SadaiappanAnother name of the Lord ShivaBoy
SadajitThe always victorious manBoy
SadalThe one who is the Master of othersBoy
SadaldinThe goodness of the faithBoy
SadanA sensible, prudent and reasonable personBoy
SadanandThe ever joyous and happy individualBoy
SadanandaA name of the GodBoy
SadanandamA man who is always in a happy moodBoy
SadaqatThe truthfulness, honesty and sincerity of thingsBoy
SadarOne who is always respectfulBoy
SadashivAn individual who is pureBoy
SadashivaThe ever-auspicious individualBoy
SadatThe Master of other menBoy
SadavirThe person who is ever-couragiousBoy

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