104 Baby Boy Names That Start With Tu

TumbaghaiA name for the chief of a tribe; gracefulBoy
TummaOne who has dual nature and systematic individualBoy
TumoFavourable public reputation.Boy
TunavaA fluteBoy
TuncayRefers to a moon which made by bronze or moon reflects in bronze color.Boy
TundaLord shivaBoy
TunganathLord of the mountainsBoy
TungarHigh, loftyBoy
TungeshwarLord of the mountainsBoy
TungishLord shiva, lord vishnuBoy
TuomasTwo babies born at the same time from the same pregnancy.Boy
TuomoForm of Thomas (twin)Boy
TupacRefers to majestic or imperial.Boy
TupocSpelling variation of Tupack. It means warrior.Boy
TupperResembles male sheep.Boy
Turabdirt or dust on the sand or earth.Boy
TuragA thoughtBoy
TureVariant of Tore (God of thunder)Boy
TurgalGreat chiefBoy
TurgalA storm God.Boy
TurgisThor's hostageBoy
TuriOne of the wild animals, bear.Boy
TurnarA person who is working with timbers.Boy
TurnerLathe workerUnisex
TurocA creative, idealistic and virtuous beingBoy
TurpinGod of thunder, rain and farming.Boy
TurquoiseDark shady stone which reflects in blue color.Boy
TursynbekLet it liveBoy
TurvashOverpowering and victoriousBoy
TurvasuA son of yayaatiBoy
TurviExtra ordinary or out standing.Boy
TurvitiSuperior and overpoweringBoy
TusharaRefers to mist, haze or fog.Boy
TusharkantiLord shivaBoy
TusharsuvraWhite as snowBoy
TusyaAnother name of Lord Shiva.Boy
TutushA confident, independent and happy individualBoy
TuudurGift of GodBoy
TuuliThe mighty or strong peopleUnisex
TuurA mountain where Moses climbs to talk to godBoy
TuviaGod is goodBoy
TuvidyumnaLord indraBoy
TuvijatLord indraBoy

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