1044 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ab

Abaanthis is an Old Arabic NameBoy
AbaasLike a lionBoy
Ababthe Softness and Gracefulness of YouthBoy
Ababilsomeone who accepts easilyBoy
AbabioChild that keeps coming.Unisex
AbacuckOne who likes to seek adventure and travelBoy
Abadsomeone who is Everlasting, EternalBoy
Abadahthe name has meaning of Endurance, Durability or StrengthBoy
Abadardthe One who Possesses ProsperityBoy
AbadhyaAlways Victorious; Unopposed;Boy
Abadilatthe other name of AbdullahBoy
AbadiyaName of a famous author known for his unique styleBoy
AbadunThe one who is subordinated as a servant or slave to God.Boy
AbaezeBranch of the kingsBoy
AbahhAn astrologer of Al Mamun and basically Al-Abahh was the nickname of al Hasan Ibn Ibrahim.Boy
Abahijeevan (अभईजीवन)Someone leading a fearless lifeBoy
AbajThe name has a meaning of EternityBoy
AbakhtarA planetBoy
AbalA wild roseBoy
AbalenduNot the Nascent Moon; The Full Moon in SanskritBoy
AballachFather of ModronBoy
AbamThe second child after twins.Boy
Abanan Old arabic nameBoy
AbaniPlanet EarthBoy
Abanimohonthe KingBoy
AbanindraSky ; Another variant is AbanindranathBoy
AbanindranathA variant of name Abanindra which means sky; A famous Bengali painter had this nameBoy
Abanishbeing a KingBoy
AbanjarBeing Tall, StoutBoy
Abannsomeone who is Tall, StrongBoy
Abannaksomeone who is Firm to his decisionsBoy
Abanoubancient KingBoy
AbanusSomeone having a dark complexionBoy
Abartin Arabic he was Son of Arphaxad and Grandson of ShemBoy
Abaravandone who is above all, superiorBoy
Abarinnotavanto RejuvenateBoy
AbarjaSomething that is extremely strenuous.Boy
AbasiBeing Stern and strictBoy
AbasinThe other name of Indus RiverBoy
AbatusThe winner of a battleBoy
AbavenSomeone who is a protectorBoy
AbayBeing talentedBoy
AbayomiBorn to bring me joy; pleasant meetingBoy
AbayomrunkojeGod won't allow humiliation.Boy
AbbaFather; Somber; PreistBoy
Abbaasthe Description of a lionBoy
AbbarSomeone strongBoy
AbbasDescription of a Lion; Looking Austere; Lion; Stern; Name of Mohammad's UncleBoy
Abbasibeing Stern, Frowning OneBoy
AbbasiyahBeing a LionBoy

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