98 Baby Boy Names That Start With Abu

AbuThe father of, one who is father of somethingBoy
Abu al KhayrOne who does goodBoy
Abu al khayrOne who does goodBoy
Abu alifather of Ali, or father of an elevated personBoy
Abu bakrName of one of muhammad's companionsBoy
Abu-ZarName of a great companion of the Prophet Muhammad.Boy
AbuabdullahThe father of the servant of AllahBoy
AbuahmadFather of the holy praised personBoy
AbualiFather of a highly esteemed personBoy
AbualkhayrOne who always does goodBoy
AbuamrFather of the life or father of the enlivenBoy
AbuayyubThe father who will repent to AllahBoy
AbubakarArabic - Father of young camelBoy
AbubakrThe father or the owner of young camel, the companion of Prophet Muhammad, the first Caliph of Muslim.Boy
AbubashirA father of one who brings good newsBoy
AbuchiA Nobel God or the nobility of a GodBoy
AbudalamahThe one who is the father of blacknessBoy
AbudardaFather of a toothless womanBoy
Abudaudfather of a beloved personBoy
AbudawaniqA father of a kid weighing 2 caratsBoy
AbudawudFather of the beloved and closest companionBoy
AbufirasFather of a lion or father of a lion hunterBoy
AbufiruzThe father of a triumphant personBoy
AbughalibThe father of a dominant person or a conquerorBoy
AbuhabibFather of the most beloved friendBoy
AbuhafsThe father of a lion cubBoy
AbuhamzahThe father of a strong and steadfast personBoy
AbuhanifaThe father of a true believerBoy
AbuhanifahThe father of one who believes in IslamBoy
AbuhassanThe father of a handsome BoyBoy
AbuhazimThe father of one who regulates othersBoy
AbuhishamFather of a noble or generous personBoy
AbuhurairahFather of a little kitten or a catBoy
AbuhurayrahThe father who has a little kittenBoy
Abuidrisfather of an interpreterBoy
AbuishaqFather of a righteous person who is on good deedsBoy
AbujafarFather of a stream or a rivuletBoy
AbujahlThe father of ignorance, one who is highly ignorantBoy
AbujurayjA successful, kind and is endlessBoy
AbukathirFather of abundant personBoy
AbulThe servant or the servant ofBoy
Abul khayrOne who does goodBoy
Abul-khayrThe servant of one who always does goodBoy
AbulabbasThe servant of Abbas or the lionBoy
AbulahabThe servant of father's brother or uncleBoy
AbulainaThe father of a beautiful eyed womanBoy
AbulalaThe father of the superior personBoy
AbulasshabThe father of a masterBoy
AbulaswadThe father of Aswad or blackBoy
AbulbarakatThe father of the blessingsBoy

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