78 Baby Boy Names That Start With Adh

AdhOne who is from or of someone or somethingUnisex
AdhambStraightforward; Lord Shiva; Free from deceitBoy
AdhanaOne without Money and worldly desiresBoy
AdharaLips; signifies softnessBoy
AdharmaSomething wrong or against moral valuesBoy
AdharmakaOne who is Always Egger to Destroy; Saviour from destructionBoy
AdharshInspiration; Influencer; Divinity personified to inspire Soul; SunBoy
AdharshanaThe base moment of timeBoy
Adharvathe first of all Vedas or Lord GaneshaBoy
AdhavanBrilliant; Man of World; Sun; A variant of name AdavanBoy
AdhavaryuPrayer; a worship towards God; Hope; ChanceBoy
AdhavayaWho is one or unitedBoy
AdheashRuler; Chief; Sovereign; GovernorBoy
AdheepA king or a rulerBoy
AdheerRestless; one who never restsBoy
AdheeraImpatient; eagerly desirous; a variant name of AdheerBoy
AdheeshRuler; Emperor; KingBoy
AdheeshaRuler; Emperor; King; A variant name of AdheeshBoy
AdheeshwarThe Lord or the kings and rulersBoy
AdheshA Command; message; One who brings God's wordsBoy
AdheshtWithout envy or angerBoy
AdhibhanA leader or one who is born to winBoy
AdhibuOne who is superior of allBoy
AdhidevaSupreme God; Creator of Universe; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AdhidevataThe most important Lord or GodBoy
AdhigunaThe first or the most important qualityBoy
AdhikGreater; Skillful Expert; More than One; Admirable Great PersonBoy
AdhikarPower; Rights; one who has the strength to actBoy
AdhikaraPrincipal; Controller; One with power and rights; A derivative name of AdhikarBoy
AdhikarajThe greatest rule or reign or powerBoy
AdhikaviFirst Poet; A variant of name AdikaviBoy
AdhikshitaThe chief or the head, the LordBoy
AdhikshithaThe Lord or the headBoy
AdhiksitKing; Lord; Supreme and Almighty Power; EmperorBoy
AdhiksitaOne who is the head or chief of allBoy
AdhilaThe CensurerBoy
AdhinathaThe Lord of the greatestBoy
AdhipKing; Ruler; Supreme and Almighty Power; EmperorBoy
AdhipaKing; Ruler; Supreme and Almighty Power; EmperorBoy
AdhirOne who is impatientBoy
AdhiraiyanName of Lord Shiva in TamilBoy
AdhirajKing; Ruler; Supreme and Almighty Power; EmperorBoy
AdhirajaThe greatest king or the greatest rulerBoy
AdhirathThe greatest charioteer; Lord KrishnaBoy
AdhirathaA great chariot warriorBoy
AdhirohnaThe mounting or ascending or rising aboveBoy
AdhisaThe kind or an emperorBoy
AdhisankaranLord of everything - Shiva; Supreme GodBoy

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