87 Baby Boy Names That Start With Adi

AdiThe first or foremost, primevalBoy
Adi shaktiThe primeval powerBoy
Adi shankaraOne who brings about prosperity and happinessBoy
AdibA scholar, well-mannered, culturedBoy
AdibanLeader; Director; GuideBoy
AdidaityaThe primary or the first evil or demonBoy
AdidevaThe first or primary LordBoy
AdidharBase for Something; Foundation; SupportBoy
AdieCeltic - Little Fire; Hebrew - Man; Latin - Man from Hadria, dark oneBoy
AdielHebrew - ornament of God; Arabic - Being Just, Honest, A variant of name AdilBoy
AdiishKing or Master; Ruler and one with supreme powerBoy
AdikaThe first child of the second husbandBoy
AdikaraThe primary creator; Lord BrahmaBoy
AdikaviFirst Poet;Boy
AdikurmaThe first or original tortoiseBoy
AdilbekA just and fair master or chieftainBoy
AdilkhanA just and fair ruler or leaderBoy
AdilshahThe king of justice and equalityBoy
AdilzhanA just, fair soulBoy
AdimIn Hebrew - Man; A variant of name AdamBoy
AdimaIn German it means noble. In Sanskrit it means Primitive or originalBoy
AdimoolamThe primary roots of a personBoy
AdimoolanFrom the primary rootBoy
AdimulaThe primitive root or a personBoy
AdimurtiThe primary or first idol; Lord VishnuBoy
AdinarayanLord Vishnu; Lord of the UniverseBoy
AdinarayanaLord Vishnu; The First Protector of Beings; A derivative of AdinarayanBoy
AdinathOne of many names of Lord Vishnu; Lord of UniverseBoy
AdinathaThe first or primary Lord; Lord VishnuBoy
AdindraSupreme God; Creator of Universe; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AdioThe name inspires one to be righteous and walk on the correct path.Boy
AdipaTo light a fire or a shining lightBoy
AdipurshLord Vishnu; Lord of the UniverseBoy
AdipurushPrimordial BeingBoy
AdiputeraFirst son or first prince.Boy
AdirDescribing God a s strong and mightyBoy
AdirajOne who has No Limits; Supremacy over everything;Boy
AdirajaThe first king of a dynastyBoy
AdiranLatin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of AdrianBoy
AdirathaThe primary charioteerBoy
AdisaClear Spoken Person - AfricanBoy
AdisankaraThe first prosperity of happinessBoy
AdisesanThe primal remains or residueBoy
AdiseshOne of many names of Lord Vishnu; Lord of UniverseBoy
AdishankarShi Shankaracharya; Founder of Adwaithya PhilosophyBoy
AdishankerShi Shankaracharya; Founder of Adwaithya PhilosophyBoy
AdisheshGod of Serpent's; One of many names of Lord Vishnu; Lord of UniverseBoy
AdishreeThe primal exalted personBoy

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