153 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ae

AebbeA strong person, or refers to strengthBoy
AebiPet form of the personal name Adalbert, meaning noble.Boy
AeccestaneThe stone of a swordsmanBoy
AecciA cool headed, informal and energetic personBoy
AedA fire, flame, burning fireUnisex
AedanAn Irish name which is diminutive form of name Aed implying fire and means born of fireBoy
AedbaldA bold or brave fire, a friendly fireBoy
AeddiOne who is made of fire, fire powersBoy
AedelfleteA fast noble personBoy
AedhFrom Scottish word Aodh, that means fireUnisex
AedilbertOne who is bright and nobleBoy
AedilburhA bright noble or kind personBoy
AedilhumA noble warrior or bearBoy
AedilhunA noble favour from GodBoy
AedithA riches and blessed warBoy
AednothA medieval monk, a prelateBoy
AeduinA rich or blessed friendBoy
AeduuardA rich guard of wealth and fortuneBoy
AeduuinA blessed friend, a rich oneBoy
AedwulfA noble and honourable wolfBoy
AeficThe King's high reeveBoy
AegelmaereA border of spruce treeBoy
AegelricThe king of spruce treeBoy
AegelweardThe guard of the spruce treeBoy
AegenwulfThe wolf of the chief seaBoy
AegeusA shield made of a goat skin, protectionBoy
AegheardA protector cowherdBoy
AegidiusA young goat, or a shield from young goat skinBoy
AegirA water giant, of a sea monsterBoy
AegthrythThe protector of strengthBoy
AeilmarOne who inspires awe, awesomeBoy
AejazKarma; Fate; DestinyBoy
AekadamtWho is having one tooth; lord GaneshaBoy
AekerMeadow Of Oak Trees; means division of land in English; a variant of AckerleyBoy
AekerleyMeadow Of Oak Trees; means division of land in English; a variant of AckerleyBoy
AekermanMan of Oak; A derivative name from AekerBoy
AekleyMeadow Of Oak Trees; means division of land in English; a variant of AckerleyBoy
AelRocks or rampartBoy
AelbehrtA bright or shiny edge or tipBoy
AelbertA bright pointed tip of swordBoy
AeldietOne who is of fireBoy
AelditWho belongs to he fireBoy
AeldraLives at the Elder Tree; means NobleBoy
AeldredusThe noble red-haired personBoy
AeldretA wise person, an advisorBoy
AelfaA person with supernatural powerBoy
AelffrithPeace or protection from elf powersBoy
AelfgarA spear of the supernatural powerBoy
AelfhereThe army of mystical powersBoy
AelfhunA mystical favour from GodUnisex

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