153 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ae

AelfleadA mystical leaderBoy
Aelfledled by the mystical powersBoy
Aelfraeda mystical counsellor or advisorBoy
AelfredA wise mystical person, advisorBoy
AelfricElf Ruler; King of ElvesBoy
AelfrythThe king of mystical powersBoy
AelfstanA magical stone with supernatural powersBoy
AelfthrythThe strength or elf or super powersBoy
AelfwaldA forest of supernatural powersBoy
AelfwaruThe guard of the mystical powersBoy
AelfweardThe guardian of supernatural powersBoy
AelfwinFriend of the mystical powersBoy
AelfwineA friend of elves, or nymphsBoy
AelgarA bright shining spearBoy
AelleName of Several Kings; one of many names after ElfBoy
AelliusThe sun, name of Roman emperor HandrianBoy
AelmarAwesome or awe-inspiringBoy
AelmerA famous nobleman for his nobilityBoy
AelredA noble wise man or counsellorBoy
AembrihtA balanced, rational and confident personBoy
AeneasPraise or a praiseworthy, a hero from Trojan warBoy
AenedleahOne who is from an awesome meadowsBoy
AenescumbOne who lives in the valley of majestic peopleBoy
AengifuThe gift for the eyeBoy
AengusCeltic - One Choice; A variant of name AngusBoy
AenheriThe mother of EleanorBoy
AenonA spring or natural fountainBoy
AeolusOne who can be changed, God of windsBoy
AeraLion; one who has strength and courage of LionBoy
AergadOne who is strong in battleBoy
AericOne who is an eternal rulerBoy
AerolOne who is of a Golden heartBoy
AeronThe tattle or war, a berry fruitBoy
AeronwenThe winner or victor of a battleBoy
AeronwyThe battle winnerBoy
AeroposMale form of the name Aerope.Boy
AerowynThe victorious person from the battleBoy
AerthirnFrom the royal Roman clanBoy
AescThe ash tree or the tree of ashBoy
AescbyOne who lives by the ash treeUnisex
AescfordA water stream by the ash treeBoy
AeschildThe child from the ash treeBoy
AeschylusAeschylus originates from the Greek name Aischylos, which means shame.Boy
AesctunThe town by the ash treeBoy
AescwigA fight or rumble near the ash treeBoy
AescwineSpear FriendBoy
AescwynThe winner or victor from the ash treeBoy
AesirOf the Gods.Boy
AesoburneOne who is born near the ash treeBoy
AesonThe father of JasonBoy

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