32 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ael

AelRocks or rampartBoy
AelbehrtA bright or shiny edge or tipBoy
AelbertA bright pointed tip of swordBoy
AeldietOne who is of fireBoy
AelditWho belongs to he fireBoy
AeldraLives at the Elder Tree; means NobleBoy
AeldredusThe noble red-haired personBoy
AeldretA wise person, an advisorBoy
AelfaA person with supernatural powerBoy
AelffrithPeace or protection from elf powersBoy
AelfgarA spear of the supernatural powerBoy
AelfhereThe army of mystical powersBoy
AelfhunA mystical favour from GodUnisex
AelfleadA mystical leaderBoy
Aelfledled by the mystical powersBoy
Aelfraeda mystical counsellor or advisorBoy
AelfredA wise mystical person, advisorBoy
AelfricElf Ruler; King of ElvesBoy
AelfrythThe king of mystical powersBoy
AelfstanA magical stone with supernatural powersBoy
AelfthrythThe strength or elf or super powersBoy
AelfwaldA forest of supernatural powersBoy
AelfwaruThe guard of the mystical powersBoy
AelfweardThe guardian of supernatural powersBoy
AelfwinFriend of the mystical powersBoy
AelfwineA friend of elves, or nymphsBoy
AelgarA bright shining spearBoy
AelleName of Several Kings; one of many names after ElfBoy
AelliusThe sun, name of Roman emperor HandrianBoy
AelmarAwesome or awe-inspiringBoy
AelmerA famous nobleman for his nobilityBoy
AelredA noble wise man or counsellorBoy

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