53 Baby Boy Names That Start With Af

AfaaqA collection of horizons, blessedBoy
AfahTongan word for hurricane.Boy
AfakThe horizon, a name from QuranBoy
AfakhimThe greatest of allBoy
AfamOne who is loyal to othersBoy
AfamefunaMy name will not be lost.Boy
AfanGrowth and progressBoy
AfaqThe horizons of the worldBoy
AfdalBetter than others, excellentBoy
AfdhaalOne who excels, excellent or prominentBoy
AfdhalAn excelling person and prominent personBoy
AfeA Boy who is born on FridayBoy
AfeefChaste in Arabic; A variant of name AfifBoy
AffanA pious person, devoted to God, One who forgivesBoy
AffleckA field of stone, a habitational name to someone who belongs to the field of stone.Boy
AffonsoA person who is noble and readyBoy
AffoyonClean, helpful and nonchalant person; welcomeBoy
AfhamOne with loving nature, understandingBoy
AfifChaste in Arabic; ModestBoy
AfjalPrincipal or chief, most excellentBoy
AfkarOne who cares or thoughtsBoy
AfkharMagnificent, bravest or finestBoy
AflatunA person who is mighty and powerfulBoy
AfnanArabic - Flower; Irish - Tree Branches with LeavesBoy
AfolabiChild of high status; Born rich and with luxuryBoy
AfonA river, or a stream or waterUnisex
AfonsoThe ready and noble personBoy
AfradRefers to single one of its kind.Boy
AframA River In Ghana, AfricaBoy
AfrazThe one who is keen to learn spiritual rules and regulations.Boy
AfredaThe one who has created this whole planet.Boy
AfricaPleasant in Gaelic Origin; It also represents Sun (without cold)Boy
AfricanusThe one who comes from Africa.Boy
AfridiThe name of one of the tribes or clans.Boy
AfrinThe one who is worthy to be praised and blessed.Boy
AfrozeRefers to educational or helpful.Boy
AfsahAn eloquent man.Boy
AfsanRefers to romance or creative writing.Boy
AfsarA man in charge of an armed group.Boy
AfshinName of an Iranian General; derived name from princely title of rulers of OsrusanaBoy
AftaThe meaning of Afta is "younger or later born". Friendly nature, easy going, practical, diplomatic, stubborn yet has a desire to please others.Boy
AftaabAftaab means "the sun". A masculine name who is positive, happy go lucky, prosperous and energeticBoy
AftabAftab means "the sun". A masculine name who is positive, happy go lucky, prosperous and energeticBoy
AftanSuitable for both a girl and a Boy which means powerful, intellectual, poise, charming and attractive.Unisex
AftarA humble, confident, practical and hard working being with very high leadership qualities.Boy
AftonA name of a small Scottish riverUnisex
AftonioThe literal meaning of aftonio means one who does have any jealousy.Unisex
AftynDerived from Afton which was a place in Scotland that had Feminine StrengthUnisex
AfuomOn the field.Unisex
AfyahIt depicts one who is board minded, determined, outspoken, straightforward, strong will power and open minded.Boy
AfzalThe Best in Arabic; Most Excellent;Boy
AfzulOne who has strong leadership qualities, good communication skills which will be fruitful for any business venture.Boy

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