170 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ag

AgaSword; symbol of military power, punitive justice, authorityBoy
AgadhThis name means mysterious or unfathomable. It is believed that Agadh is lucky in the field of trade and commerce and other business ventures.Boy
AgadhbodhIt means to have unfathomable knowledge. One who is very wise and clever, smart and intelligent.Boy
AgadhiOne who is undescribable, mysterious, mystifying, secretive and enigmaticBoy
AgadhroopOne who is of unfathomable form. A charming mysterious person.Boy
AgagRoof; Upper FloorBoy
AgamExtending Far; Profound; Unimaginable; Intelligent; Pervasive; IntenseBoy
AgamaSanskrit - Knowledge; Wisdom;Boy
AgamadhiOne who is intelligent and knowledgable, victorious, seeks excellence, zeal to excel in everything and successful.Boy
AgamaniA precious stone which is priceless, magnificient and unique. A one of a kind gemstone.Unisex
AgambirA brave warrior who crosses every hurdle with great strength, compassion, patience and hard workBoy
AgamemnonA braveheart who can take up any work. One who is loyal, committed, devoted, dependable, reliable, trusthworthy and steady.Boy
AgamiyaKarma we do in this birthBoy
Agamjeetone who wins the God with his love and righteousnessBoy
AgamjitThe meaning of Agamjit is the victory of God or rather the trophy of God, the golden child; the most precious one chosen by God.Boy
AgamjotGod's Light; beacon; Source of illuminationBoy
AgampalA lucky name which will bring prosperity and fame as the name means God as protector which depicts blessings from the Almighty.Boy
AgampreetOne who loves God the dearmostBoy
AgampremOne who is devoted, loyal, strong willed, hard working, committed, dependable, trustworthy, reliable and greatly believes and worships God.Boy
AgamroopA person who is a perfectionist, organised, well maintained, sophisticated, gentleman, zealous, hard working, easy going and dedicated to every work given to him.Boy
AganA unisex name which means beautiful or handsome and intelligent. In other meanings it means pearl, a precious stone which is very expensive.Unisex
AganeeOne who can manifest himself to do things creatively and in a unique way.They are spontaneous and lively.Boy
AganitCountless; God; The creator and ruler of the universeBoy
AganithCountless; God; The creator and ruler of the universe; A Variant name of AganitBoy
AgantukOne who is mysterious, incomprehensible, impenetrable, patient, calm and secretive.Boy
AganveerGod of Law; Sikh OriginBoy
AganyaUncountable; Infinite; Born from Fire; one of many names of Goddess LakshmiBoy
AgapetosAgapetos is the original form of Agapito. It means beloved.Boy
AgapiosAn uncommon masculine Greek name which means love. It was the name of one the Saints of Greece who is a martyr.Boy
AgapitoOne who is dearly loved, precious, adored, cared for, treasured, cherished and one's favourite.Boy
AgaraHouse, dwelling placeBoy
AgarvaOne who is free from pride, who is humble, generous, down to earth, sensible, realistic, pragmatic, commonsensible and logical.Boy
AgasAgas in Hebrew means the fruit pear. A pear signifies strength,power, longevity, nobility and fruitfulness.Unisex
AgasthyaThe star of Canopus which is the 'cleanser of waters'; One of many names of Lord Shiva; A name of great SageBoy
AgastiName of a Sage ; A derivative from Agasthya which represents the star of CanopusBoy
AgastyaName of a Sage ; A derivative from Agasthya which represents the star of CanopusBoy
AgathianName of a Sage ; A derivative from Agasthya which represents the star of CanopusBoy
AgathiyanName of a Sage ; A derivative from Agasthya which represents the star of CanopusBoy
AgathonA Greek name that means GoodBoy
AgavahaA ram who wilds in the mountains and is ferocious, fierce, strong, protective, observant and strong minded.Boy
AgavoliAn intelligent person who seeks excellence and excels in every field in life; brilliantBoy
AgbarhaBorn in AgbarhaBoy
AgeOld Norse - Representatives of Ancestors; Derivative of AageBoy
AgendraKing of Mountains; Refers to Himalayan MountainsBoy
AghaA noble person who is honoured for his effieciency, intelligence and great positive leadership qualities.Boy
AghadVast; Deep; immersed; involved deeply; engrossingBoy
AghaghnaA devotee to God who is righteous, dutiful, commited, loyal, pious, spiritual, faithful and sincere.Boy
AghalaA girl with a pleasing personalityBoy
AghamaThe MoonBoy
AghamarshanDestroyer of Sin; one who destroys all our sinsBoy
AgharidA decent name for a baby Boy or girl which means the melodious musical songs of the birds.Unisex
AgharikaOne who is zealous, courageous and a free spiritBoy
AgharnaThe MoonBoy
AgharrOne who is very handsome, brave, noble, dedicated, committed, faithful, dependable, righteous and obedient in nature.Boy
AghatDestroyer of Sin; one who destroys all our sinsBoy
AghorOne of many names of Lord Shiva; represents one of the five faces of Lord ShivaBoy
AghoraNot Terrible; A derivative of name Aghor which represents one of the five faces of Lord ShivaBoy
AghoranathOne of many names of Lord Shiva; represents one of the five faces of Lord ShivaBoy
AghornathOne of many names of Lord Shiva; represents one of the five faces of Lord ShivaBoy
AghoshQuiet; Soundless; Direction; Peace; Guidance; TranquilBoy
AgilanA Tamil name that means one who Commands Everything;Boy
AgilberhtName of a BishopBoy
AgilbertOne who is responsible, dominating, persistent, compassionate, intelligent, hard working and zealous.Boy
AgimarIn German agimareans something sharp which could signify a sword which is powerful and a mighty weapon.Boy
AginThe meaning behind the name is not so appropriate to name someone as it means an illegitimate child or a name given to the lowest ranks of nobles.Boy
AginhartOne whit the aging heartBoy
AgiraThe Sun; Fire; Heaven; Place of Supreme Happiness; To light; To glowBoy
AglaralBrother of PercivalBoy
AglavalBrother of PercivalBoy
AglovaleIn Arthurian legend, the name of a knight of the Round TableBoy
AgneyaSon of Agni; Son of FireBoy
AgniFire; Flame; Blaze; brilliant lightBoy
AgnibahuSon of first ManuBoy
AgnibhavBorn in FireBoy
AgnibhuBorn from fireBoy
AgnibijaThe speed of fireBoy
AgnichurFire on topBoy
AgnidattaGiven by fireBoy
AgnideepakIncreasing appetiteBoy
AgnideepanIlluminated like fireBoy
AgnideeptaIlluminated like fireBoy
AgnidevGod of Fire; A derivative name from AgniBoy
AgnidhraDescendent of fireBoy
AgnidutMessenger of God of FireBoy
AgnihamsaThe Soul; A derivative name from AgniBoy
AgnihotraA sacrifice to God agniBoy
AgnijaFire bornBoy
AgnijeDaughter of fireBoy
AgnijitWho conquer fireBoy
AgnikaBorn of fireBoy
AgnikanaParticle of fire sparkBoy
AgniketuFire banneredBoy
AgnikumarSon of Fire; A derivative name from AgniBoy
AgnikumaraSon of Fire; A variant name of AgnikumarBoy
AgnimasaShinning like foreBoy

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