56 Baby Boy Names That Start With Aks

AksYour reflection in the surfaceBoy
AksaSoul; SpiritBoy
AksajaFlash of lighteningBoy
AksakaClavicle or collar-bone, SensualBoy
AksalComplete, having every necessary parts, concludedBoy
AksalaLord Shiva, Unbroken,WholeBoy
AksamataUnbroken or unhuskedUnisex
AksanA man who can't be destroyedBoy
AksapadaLearned, wise EnlightenedBoy
AksarImperishable; Immortal being; one which cannot be destroyedBoy
AksaraUnalterable, permanent, unchangeable, protector of earthBoy
AksaryA place name, a town of Aksaray, now found in TurkeyUnisex
AksatRice Put During Pooja in Hindu RitualsBoy
AksataWhole, CompleteBoy
AkselA variant of name Axel which means Defender of Men in Old GreekBoy
AkseliFinnish form of Axel; the father of peaceBoy
AkshChariot of Thousand HorsesBoy
AkshadRice Put During Pooja in Hindu RitualsBoy
AkshagnaOne of many names of Lord MuruganBoy
AkshahantreySlayer of AkshaBoy
AkshaiEternal, immortal, indestructibleBoy
AkshajOne of the many names of Lord VishnuBoy
AkshakumarSon of RavanaBoy
AkshanEye, Judgment, Appreciation, DiscernmentBoy
AkshanaGreat RitualBoy
AkshanshUniverse; The whole worldBoy
AkshantThe Winner; SeaBoy
AkshapadBright Light;Boy
AksharImperishable; Immortal being; one which cannot be destroyedBoy
AkshatWhole, Complete, without missing partBoy
Akshat (अक्षत) Whole or complete; one who can\'t be harmed or destroyedBoy
AkshathIndestructible; One who cannot be destroyed; Imperishable; One of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
AkshayImmortal, Eternal, IndestructibleBoy
AkshayaIndestructible; One who cannot be destroyed; ImperishableBoy
AkshayagunaOf Limitless Attributes; One of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AkshayakumarUnscathed; Perfect; Flawless; Spotless; WholeBoy
AkshayapatraA methodogical vessel given to Yudhishthira by the sun God which was never empty of food.Boy
AkshaykeertiEternal Fame; A flame that can never be blown off; Ever Glowing Light; God's LampBoy
AkshdeepKing of SkyBoy
AksheenVery Strong; Mighty; Power; ForceBoy
AksheyUnscathed; Perfect; Flawless; Spotless; WholeBoy
AkshikNecklace, neck ornamentBoy
AkshinaGod's Blessings; A name derived from the word AkshanaBoy
AkshitPermanent; Imperishable; one which will be there forever; Immortal BeingBoy
AkshitabasuLord IndraBoy
AkshithArmy Guard, Protecting Army, Defending warriorBoy
AkshobhyaOne of the many names of Lord Vishnu; Imperishable BeingBoy
AkshunA Significant Particle;Boy
AkshyaImmortal; Imperishable; Indestructible; Someone who will be there forever; God; EternalBoy
AksinaNot failing, Not diminishingBoy

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