46 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ald

AldOld or wise; a person who is always victoriousBoy
AldaWiser, Elder; name of a SaintBoy
AldamiriA name of an Egyptian writer on canon lawBoy
AldanOld Wise, Old Counsel; name of an old friendBoy
AldaneSome who is a wise protector of the realm or land he is living in.Boy
AldaqiqA male arabic nameBoy
AldeaWealthy and prosperous being; welloff, richBoy
AldemarFamous for nobility or famous for his experienceBoy
AldenOf Old AgeBoy
AlderSomeone who lives by the Alder treeBoy
AldfordOld river-fordBoy
AldfrithName of a KingBoy
AldhelmName of a BishopBoy
AldhereAn anglo-Saxon manBoy
AldhunA man of Anglo-Saxon originBoy
AldidThe vision or the sightBoy
AldinOld English - Old Friend ; A variant of name AldenBoy
AldivinOld; a wise and intelligent beingBoy
AldjahizA male name of arabic or urdu originsBoy
AldndWise, Red Haired man; one who is from triangle landBoy
AldoSomething old, archaicBoy
AldonA man who comes from AldonBoy
AldousGerman - Noble, Old, Honorable; English - Old Friend; Derived from the name Aldo ; A variant of name AldenBoy
AldredWise Counselor; Old English : Elf Counsel ; A variant of name AlfredBoy
AldredusAn old man who gives good counselBoy
AldretA noble old man who counselsBoy
AldricGerman - Old and Powerful ruler ; A variant of name AldrichBoy
AldrichWise sageBoy
AldrickWise RulerBoy
AldrigeOld rulerBoy
AldrikGerman - Old and Powerful ruler ; A variant of name AldrichBoy
AldrinGerman - Old and Powerful ruler ; A variant of name AldrichBoy
AldritchOld LeaderBoy
AldtunFrom the Old ManorBoy
AlduinEnglish: Noble,Wise Friend; A derivative of name AldwinBoy
Aldunold friendBoy
AldusaAn old, elderly manBoy
AldwayNoble warBoy
AldwinOld friendBoy
AldwineWise FriendBoy
AldwulfOne old as a wolfBoy
AldwynOld English - Old Friend ; A variant of name AldenBoy
AldwynnOld companionBoy
AldynOld acquaintanceBoy

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