25 Baby Boy Names That Start With Alv

AlvaAn exalted white old friend who have supremacy of an supernatural beingUnisex
AlvahThe fair one who has an inspiring awe like a Royal Highness, in biblical context it means immoralUnisex
AlvanA tall and lofty noble friend having eloquent, sublime and versatile natureBoy
AlvarOld English - Elf Army, Supernatural Army; Gothic - Guard for all; A variant of name AlvaroBoy
AlvardDerived from the old ford is the one appreciating system and precision with a rare intelligenceBoy
AlvarezNoble guardianBoy
AlvaroThe noble guardian with an elf army who is the speaker of truth and is cautious, bold and a plannerBoy
AlvenA friend with magnetic personality who balances practicality and emotionBoy
AlverdaA unique name gifted with compassion, resourcefulness, passion, eccentric and altruistic qualitiesUnisex
AlvereThe high achievers who are advised by the elves, they are generous, idealistic and resourcefulBoy
AlveredusBorn with the potential to achieve authoritative success and are real hard workers enjoying rivalriesBoy
Alvery"˜The one they cried for', a person with strong mind who is charismatic as well as inspiringBoy
AlvevaMaster of authentic, compassionate, influential and dramatic personality, they influence the massesUnisex
Alvia"Noble war"; their sensitive, friendly, creative and intuitive nature attracts peopleUnisex
AlvieA noble friend of the elves who enjoys practical arts and systematic scheduleBoy
AlvinA noble companion and friend loved by all having a independent, resourceful and practical attitudeBoy
AlvineThey prove to be a wise companion, sentimental and inclined towards the business of educationUnisex
AlvinoA white and fair noble friend who is attracted to the mysteries of the natureBoy
AlvisAn all knowing wise person who is brilliant in every way possible and have strong emotional desiresBoy
AlvissA wise, determined born leader possessing individuality and confidenceBoy
AlvonInsult in Hebrew; an elf who is a defender of mankind attracted to the mysteries of natureUnisex
AlvordDerived from the old ford; bold, energetic and iron willedBoy
AlvredusAn elf counsel with a highly imaginative, happy-go-lucky and voluntary personalityBoy
AlvyVariant of Alvin who is an intelligent friend of the elves and guardian of allBoy
AlvynTeutonic: Loved by All; German: Friend; English: Noble,Wise Friend; A variant of name AlwinBoy

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