497 Baby Boy Names That Start With Am

AmaranThe Immortal; one who is blessed to have a long life with no endBoy
AmaranaathImmortal God; one of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AmaranayaganA hero sent from heavenBoy
AmarapaAnother name for Lord Indra who is Lord of the GodsBoy
AmaraprabhuA name of Lord VishnuBoy
AmararajaA precious gem of the gods which shines like a crystalBoy
AmararatnaA precious, shining jewel of the godsBoy
AmarasimhaEternal light with creativity and innovation who can also be called Lion of the GodsBoy
AmarasriEternal name of a God who is poised, confident and versatileBoy
AmarbhagatAn immortal, generous, compassionate and authoritative being who strives for perfectionBoy
AmarbirAn extremely brave personality who appreciated materialistic values and is diplomaticUnisex
AmardadImmorality, one who is immortal.Boy
AmardeepEternal Light; Immortal Light; A source of light forever;Boy
AmardevThe Immortal God; one of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AmardharamEverlasting religionBoy
AmarditArabic name which means moonBoy
AmarditaThe one who has many horses and self explanatory and unsubduedBoy
AmareA person sent by God to love who is extremely handsomeUnisex
AmareaCreative and outgoing who holds the integrity of God'sBoy
AmarendraKing of Devas; Lord of Gods; One name form of Lord Indra who is considered King of Deva'sBoy
AmaresaLord Shiva; the one who is lord of the immortals or rather king of the GodsBoy
AmareshOne of the many names for Lord Indra; King of SkyBoy
AmareswarAnother name for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu who is eternalBoy
AmareyjaThe one who has charismatic personality and can percept GodBoy
AmargeetEternal songUnisex
AmargunEternal qualityUnisex
AmariAn strong and eternally lovely being who are family orientedUnisex
AmariahAn alluring and pure name which means it's promised by the God and carries his integrityUnisex
AmarikaThe one who is divine like a God and immortalBoy
AmarinderThe immortal and the God-like figureBoy
AmarineA gem called Aquamarine finding the purpose and meaning of lifeUnisex
AmarionThe unfading and the strong who always flourishBoy
AmarisChild of the Moon; A Promise from God; Pledged by GodBoy
AmarishAnother name of Lord IndraBoy
AmarishnuThe one who is immortal and desirous like GodBoy
AmarjeetVictorious; one who has won the Deva's with his love for GodBoy
AmarjeevanThe everlasting life who lives foreverBoy
AmarjitOne who has Conquered the Deva'sBoy
AmarjodhAn immortal warriorBoy
AmarjotThe Immortal Light; A source of light for ever; Eternal LightBoy
AmarkantakName after Teerthraj, which is filled with spiritualism, sanity and faithBoy
AmarkeertiEternal Fame; A flame that can never be blown off;Boy
AmarleenForever absorbed in God;Boy
AmarmohanThe one who is immortal and attractiveBoy
AmarnaamAn everlasting nameBoy
AmarnathImmortal God; one of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AmarnivasAn everlasting abodeBoy
AmaroIt means bitter and disappointedBoy
AmaropamaAn individual who resemble a GodBoy
AmarottamThe Best Among Gods; one of many names of Lord IndraBoy

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