62 Baby Boy Names That Start With Amb

AmbaadaasThey are the song of life,admirale and melodiousBoy
AmbadyLord Krishna's childhood place; they have congenial and straightforward personalityBoy
AmbakThe EyeBoy
AmbakaUnique name for the one who has majestic and charismatic personalityBoy
AmbalamLord of the sea who has a creative and idealistic natureBoy
AmbalanA learned manBoy
AmbansaThe one with the soul of a SwanBoy
AmbaraSky; heaven; or a piece of clothingBoy
AmbareeshKing of the Sky; A variant of the name Ambarish; one of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AmbarisaThe one who is supreme power, the ruler of atmosphere and heavenBoy
AmbarishThe Sky; one of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AmbarishaLord of the Sky; One of the Many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AmbarpreetThe lover of skyBoy
AmbasthaSound of running water and a devotee of skyBoy
AmbavaThe sound of running waterBoy
AmbdhiThe one who is single crestedBoy
AmbedkarA creative, masculine and has strong mental abilityBoy
AmberamThe Sky; Vast expanse of space; Open SpaceBoy
AmberdeepThe everlasting light of the sky filled with balanceBoy
AmberishAn Angel from the Heavens; God sent Fairy;Boy
AmberjitHe is the God of the sky, they overcome obstructions by developing spiritual sideBoy
AmbersonVariant of Emerson who are filled with bravery, vigour and powerBoy
AmbertThe most intelligent personBoy
AmbhasaAnother name of Goddess Parvati; the running water which is free and creativeUnisex
AmbhojaA unique name who is waterborne like a lotus and is like moon camphor and lives in seclusionBoy
AmbhrinaThe waterborne who is the most powerfulBoy
AmbhrnaThe one who is single pointed and is the ultimate powerful personBoy
AmbhudhiThe Ocean; Vast expanse of water; one who has thoughts as deep as the oceanBoy
AmbiGoddess Name; Mother; One of many names of Goddess Parvathi;Boy
AmbicatosThe one who is talented, self centered and spiritually balancedBoy
AmbikagiriMountain where Goddess Parvathi resides who is the embodiment of gorgeousnessBoy
AmbikapathiOne of the many names of Lord Siva; referring him as husband of Goddess ParvathiBoy
AmbikeyaLord Ganesha and has the power of a mountain and son of AmbikaBoy
AmbiliThe illuminating moon who sacrifices, shares happiness and achieves successBoy
AmblerA steady paced mule who has an easy going temperament and steadyBoy
AmbrThe one who has an adapting and mature natureUnisex
AmbreeshThe lord of the sky who is an angel sent from heavenBoy
AmbrielThey are angel of communication who guide people towards inner peace and truth by warding off evilUnisex
AmbrishThe lord of the sky who is similar to an angelBoy
AmbroasOne who is immortalBoy
AmbrogioOld Greek - Immortal, Divine; A variant of the name AmbroseBoy
AmbroiseThe one who is immortal and all powerfulBoy
AmbroosThe immortal oneBoy
AmbrosOld Greek - Immortal, Divine; A variant of the name AmbroseBoy
AmbroseHe is immortalBoy
AmbrosiGeorgian form of Ambrosios, meaning he who is immortalBoy
AmbrosioA Spanish name for divine beingBoy
AmbrosiosSpanish name for divine and immortalBoy
AmbrosiusOld Greek - Immortal, Divine; A variant of the name AmbroseBoy

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