66 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ami

AmiHebrew - Lord of my people; It is a variant of name AmielBoy
AmiableA friendly and agreeable personality who is soft hearted and good naturedBoy
AmianMeaning Tamer and are basically peacemakersBoy
AmiasDerived from Latin Amatus meaning the one who is loved by allUnisex
AmicDerived from Latin Amatus meaning the one who is loved by allBoy
AmichaiThe person is well surrounded by loved ones like parents and the nation livesBoy
AmicusA person having a friendly and amiable natureBoy
AmidThey have intense emotional desires and provide general support like a great manBoy
AmideThe one who has a progressive and positive thinking full of excitementUnisex
AmielGod residing with the peopleBoy
AmikFriendly people who are very reserved and serious naturedBoy
AmikamThe one with the rising nationBoy
AmikoThe one who is friend of many and means cold windBoy
AmikshPure and honest person who is entirely free of deceitBoy
AmilInvaluable; Inaccessible; In the sense of being so exalted as to be unattainableBoy
AmilcarA friend of MelqartBoy
AmildhanThe one with sweet and lovable natureBoy
AmileighThe Bringer of Hope and Smiles; God's GiftBoy
AmineVariation of Amin which means faithful and honestBoy
AminiReliable; Trustworthy; Rigid; Unalterable;Boy
AmintoreOld Greek - Protector, Defender; Derived from element AmyntorBoy
AmirA born leader and a prince who is born to give ordersBoy
Amir AbbasAmir means prosperous, Abbas means austereBoy
Amir AliAmir means prosperous, Ali means high, lofty, sublime.Boy
Amir HosseinAmir means prosperous, Hossein means handsome or beautifulBoy
AmiranA prince who is filled with joy and is commanderBoy
AmirdeswaranA person who is God-like and a king of nationBoy
AmiriHe is a ruler and a prince and also the east wind blowing in southern hemisphereBoy
AmirrA born Prince who gives orders and are prosperousBoy
AmirtharasanThey are the masters of the universe who have sweet personalityBoy
AmirthavarshanHoney; they are lively, sweet and charmingBoy
AmishHonest; Truthful; Virtuous; Genuine; Unadulterated; RespectableBoy
AmisquewA spoonUnisex
AmitName of Lord Ganesha; the one with immeasurable and limitless powerBoy
AmitaabhBoundless Lustre; One with unlimited splendour; One who will shine forever;Boy
AmitabhThey have majestic and elegant personality who are limitlessBoy
AmitabhaParadise; they have infinite merits and lifeBoy
AmitaiProphet Jonah's father who is trustworthy and loyalBoy
AmitanThey are endless and have a trustworthy personalityBoy
AmitanshuThey are gracious, serious, intelligent and full of wisdomBoy
AmitaruciThey are Buddhist who are very generous and gloriousBoy
AmitasanThey are born out of happiness who are omnipresent like Lord VishnuBoy
AmitatejLimitless Radiance; Splendid Brightness; One whose brightness has no boundariesBoy
AmitatmaThe God-like figure who is protector of mankindBoy
AmitavLimitless Lustre; One with boundless splendour; One of the many names of Lord BuddhaBoy
AmitavaBoundless Lustre; One with unlimited splendour; One who will shine forever;Boy
AmitayVariant of Amitai who are limitless and loyalBoy
AmitayusThe one who has infinite age and a divine being like GodBoy
AmitbikramLimitless Prowess; Infinite Ability; Expertise; Immeasurable ProficiencyBoy
AmitbirThey are the masters of bravery and majestic personalityBoy
AmitesaAnother name of Lord Vishnu, they are limitlessBoy
AmiteshInfinite GodBoy
AmiteshaThey are self-satisfactory and lovableBoy
AmiteshwarAn infinite God who is omnipresentBoy
AmithA God; they are imperishable, limitless, indestructible and uniqueBoy
AmithnalA loving and wise leader.Boy
AmitielThey are angel who are messenger of God and spread truthBoy
AmitiyotiFilled with brightness and boundlessnessBoy
AmitojUnlimited Glow; Infinite Radiance; One who will shine foreverBoy
AmitojasThe one light which never extinguishesBoy
AmitosaThe one who is always happy and charmingBoy
AmitoshEver Happy; Unlimited joy; Never ending delight; Limitless PleasureBoy
AmitpalThey protect the mankind and are unbounded energyBoy
AmitrasudanDestroyer of Enemies; One who always wins over his foesBoy
AmiyNectar ; A variant of the name AmiyaBoy
AmiyaNectar; Delight ; A Variant of the name is AmiyBoy

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