825 Baby Boy Names That Start With An

AnThe one who is gracious and satisfyingUnisex
AnaadBeginning-less; One who has no beginningBoy
AnaadhiBeginning-less; One who has no beginningBoy
AnaadiBeginning-less; One who has no beginningBoy
AnaanClouds; Bearing Water; SkyBoy
AnaarArabic - Light and Radiance; Glow; Bright; A variant of this name is Anar; Persian - PomegranateBoy
AnaborhiThe one who is born with good destinyUnisex
AnacletoForm of Anacletus; they are complicated and invoke God's mercyBoy
AnacletusThey are complicated and invoke God's mercyBoy
AnadGod; The Supreme Being; The Creator and ruler of this UniverseBoy
AnadaA blissful person who is cheerful and delightedBoy
AnadhikaThey canot be excelledBoy
AnadhyaWithout a beginning; It is a variant name for Anadya which means Beginning-lessBoy
AnadiEternal; Immortal; Imperishable; Everlasting; One who has no endBoy
AnadjotOne who Radiates the Lord's Light; Eternal Flame; Everlasting Light; BrightBoy
AnadrishtiPerfect; Beyond Check; Absolute; Flawless; Faultless; Complete; ThoroughBoy
AnagVery Handsome; Charming; Attractive; Pleasant Looking; AppealingBoy
AnaghSinless; Pure; Perfect; Absolute; Flawless; Faultless; Complete; ThoroughBoy
AnaghaA beautiful, faultless person who has never made a sinUnisex
AnahitaFull of Grace; Graceful; Elegant; Beautiful; Refined; LovelyBoy
AnaiaThe one who is the answer of GodBoy
AnaiahThe one who is the answer of gracious GodBoy
AnaimuganThe one who is Elephant-headed and is name of God PillaiyarBoy
AnaishaSpecial; Powerful and Complete; DistinctBoy
AnakA Collar; OrnamentBoy
AnakhSelf-respect; Bravery; Courage; Valor; Splendor; Brave SpiritBoy
AnakletosOriginal Greek form of Anacletus. It means invoked.Boy
AnalThe one filled with fire and energyBoy
AnaladiMusic; In Tamil it means any sweet, pleasing, or harmonious soundsBoy
AnalajitA versatile being who is pure and conquers fireBoy
AnalakshaOne of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AnaljeetMaster of airBoy
AnalpAn expressive, refined and diplomatic beingBoy
AnalprabhoMaster of radiant personality, beauty and modernBoy
AnaluA mighty, manly and hard working defenderBoy
AnamBlessing; a favor or gift bestowed by GodBoy
AnamaA sweet singing bird called NightingaleBoy
AnamayaThe Disease-less; The Trouble-less; One who is blessed with good health and happy lifeBoy
AnamiA Name of Lord BuddhaBoy
AnamitraBright and beautiful like the SunUnisex
AnamolThe precious oneUnisex
AnanadaOne who is prosperous, prosperousBoy
AnanahadNo Limit; Never Ending; Countless;Boy
AnanayOne-of-a-kind; Unique; One who has no match; Inimatable; ExclusiveBoy
AnandJoy; Happiness; Bliss; Delight; Pleasure; HarmonyBoy
AnandaWorthy Of Love; Bliss; HappinessBoy
AnandabhairavaJoyful, blissful, prosperous and insightful beingBoy
AnandagajapathiA happy and joyous kingBoy
AnandagiriMountain of Happiness; Mount of Bliss; Peak of PleasureBoy
AnandamPure joy, love and experiences blissBoy
AnandamayaConsisting of Bliss; Full of Happiness and Joy;Boy
AnandamohonEmbodiment of unconditional love and compassionBoy
AnandanOne who Brings Happiness, Bliss, Joy, Pleasure and DelightBoy
AnandanaJoyful, kind, prosperous and insightful individualBoy
AnandapremaPure joy, love and experiences blissUnisex
AnandashankarOne of many names of Lord Shiva representing him as giver of happinessBoy
AnandatamThe one with a happy, peaceful and content soulBoy
AnandbhagatThe one who enjoys being a devoteeBoy
AnandbirA jouful man who is brave and strongBoy
AnandgeetA blissful song filled with happiness and peaceBoy
AnandhThe one who is haapy and cherishes lifeBoy
AnandhanThe one who is haapy and cherishes lifeBoy
AnandiOne who Brings Happiness, Bliss and Joy; One of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
AnandiniBlissful, Joy, Happiness, Pleasure, DelightfulBoy
AnandithAn angel who is the messenger of God sharing joy and harmonyBoy
AnandjitThe one who winsBoy
AnandjotLight of Bliss, Joy, Happiness, Pleasure; Radiance of Delight;Boy
AnandkaramThe one who finishes work happilyBoy
AnandleenOne Absorbed in the Lord's Bliss, Joy, Happiness, Pleasure, Delight;Boy
AnandlokA happy place filled with joy and contentBoy
AnandmeetA blissful lover and a friendBoy
AnandmohanOne of the many names of Lord Krishna; Signifies him as giver of JoyBoy
AnandmoortiHappiness Personified; One who is full of Bliss and Joy; One of name of Lord VishnuBoy
AnandnivasA happy and lovely dwellingBoy
AnandoJoy; Happiness; Bliss; Delight; Pleasure; HarmonyBoy
AnandpalA compassionate and happy friendBoy
AnandprakashThe one sharing light and brightnessBoy
AnandpreetA blissful lover and a friendBoy
AnandramanA lovely birdBoy
AnandroopOf Blissful Form; Radiating Bliss; Glowing with happiness and JoyBoy
AnandsaiName of an Indian riverBoy
AnandsarupThe face of happiness and prosperityBoy
AnandtekThe one who provides happy supportBoy
AnandvardhanOne who Increases Happiness; one who provides Bliss and Joy in life; Name of Lord RamBoy
AnaneAfrican - Fourth Son;Boy
AnangName of Cupid or Kamadeva; African - Fourth SonBoy
AnangaFormless; One who is present everywhere; ShapelessBoy
AnangadaThe one who provides happy support and promotes loveBoy
AnangamAn immortal being; beaded lamp which is divineBoy
AnangjeetThe one who wins over the CupidBoy
AnangpalA friend of Cupid spreading loveBoy
AnaniasHebrew - God was gracious; A variant of name AnnasBoy
AnanjanOne with no faults and errorBoy
AnanmayaOne who Cannot be Broken;Boy
AnantInfinite; One with no end; Immortal; EternalBoy
AnantaInfinite; One with no end; Immortal; EternalBoy
AnantaaAn eternal, immortal beingBoy
AnantajeetThe Victor of Infinity; One who is Eternal and Immortal; One of many names of Lord VishnuBoy

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