30 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ann

AnnaName of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; GodBoy
AnnabhujGrain eaterBoy
AnnadaThe one who is a half brother of Lordd Buddha; the peaceful and blissful oneBoy
AnnadasanThey are masters of knowledge and know- allBoy
AnnadasankarAnother name of Lord Shiva; the almighty who is Lord of the universeBoy
AnnadashankarOne who is provider of Food; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AnnadevaLord Shiva; provider of foodBoy
AnnaduraiA modern name for a leaderBoy
AnnaegGrace or favourBoy
AnnamalaiKnowledgeable; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AnnamayaThey are handsome and well manneredBoy
AnnanCeltic - From the Brook; Arabic - Slow Actor, Sluggish (not used due to negative meaning)Boy
AnnanambiThey are strong defender of mankind, fearless and limitlessBoy
AnnaniasThey are personal cloud of the GodBoy
AnnanisaThey are filled with grace and originate from streamBoy
AnnapatiThe provider of foodBoy
AnnarFather of the world.Boy
AnnasamiThe philosophical and spiritual kindBoy
AnnavaranWithout Fear; Godsent Gift; One of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
AnnaviThe infinite power; they are immortal and amazing; A sensitive, detailed and passionate personBoy
AnnibaleA form of HannibalBoy
AnniruA dual natured, desirable and like a tall mountainBoy
AnniruddhaUnobstructed; Ungovernable; Unrestrained; BoundlessBoy
AnnoGerman - Eagle Ruler; A variant of name ArnoldBoy
AnnsonSon of GodBoy
AnnuAtom; Smallest source for existence;Boy
AnnuabhujOne of many names of Lord Shiva representing him as source for everythingBoy
AnnunziatoAn announcement made to a gatheringUnisex
AnnunzioAn announcement; statementUnisex
AnnuziataAn announcement; reportUnisex

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