101 Baby Boy Names That Start With Anu

AnuanshA charitable individual who has immense knowledgeBoy
AnuarKazakh variant of Variant of Anwar, meaning brighter and luminousBoy
AnubhajA follower of worship and religionBoy
AnubhavExperience; Skill; KnowledgeBoy
AnubhavaAn experienced manBoy
AnubodhAwareness; Responsiveness; Knowledge; UnderstandingBoy
AnubodhaAn aware individualBoy
AnucakraFriend of Lord Krishna and a plannerBoy
AnucanaA mighty God who is devoted to learningBoy
AnuchandHandsome; Graceful; Appealing; Charming; RefinedBoy
AnudaanOne who is Generous, Sympathetic, and Compassionate to help othersBoy
AnudaraA God-like figure who is strong as an EagleBoy
AnudattaThe angry one who is not raisedBoy
AnudayThe time before sunriseBoy
AnudeepDivine Light; Eternal Lamp; God's LightBoy
AnudesyaAn obedient one; they reach their goalBoy
AnudvegaThe one who is free from anxiety and tensionBoy
AnugayasA praiseworthy individual who is divine lightBoy
AnugraNot Violent; Gentle; Mild; Peace Loving; KindBoy
AnugtahaGrace; Favor; Mercy; Compassionate; KindBoy
AnugtraA clamBoy
AnugumFitting; Appropriate; Correct; Apt; SuitableBoy
AnugunFitting; Appropriate; Correct; Apt; SuitableBoy
AnugyaAuthority; Permission; Power; InfluenceBoy
AnuhaSatisfied; Content; Pleased; HappyBoy
AnuhladBrother of PrahladBoy
AnuhladaA healthy and strong individualBoy
AnuhradaThe one who follows his heart and is spreads loveBoy
AnuhuThe one who is without any desireBoy
AnujYounger Brother; One who is younger or born laterBoy
AnujayGraceful VictoryBoy
AnujpalFriend of a younger brotherBoy
AnujpreetFriend for a younger brotherBoy
AnukaThey are wishful and maintain family's prideUnisex
AnukalpA flower; a confident individualBoy
AnukampaGod's Mercy; God's Blessing; God's GraceBoy
AnukaranSimilar; ImitationBoy
AnukarsaThey are the Lord of Ocean; invokingBoy
AnukeertanaA praiseworthy individual who is divine lightBoy
AnukulAppropriate; Proper; Perfect; Correct;Boy
AnukulaA pleasant individual who is very appropriateBoy
AnukulikaA divine messenger who is naughty and amiableUnisex
AnulWind; a gentle individualBoy
AnumanSmall patienceBoy
AnunaThe one having the full power and energyBoy
AnunaabPowerful; Influential; One with AuthorityBoy
AnunankA brilliant and a wise personBoy
AnunanyaA beautiful prayer; satisfactionBoy
AnunarasA beautiful prayer; provider of satisfactionBoy
AnunaySupplication; Consolation; Requesting; Comforting; SolaceBoy

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