96 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ap

ApaarA God-like figure who is strong as an EagleBoy
ApacitaA honourable beingBoy
ApadevaMighty God of waterBoy
ApagasutaAnother name of Bhishma; they are very strong and wittyBoy
ApageyaThe one who originated from riverBoy
ApaghanaThe cloudlessnessBoy
ApakungaAn Elf counselor filled with over-confidence, responsibility and stabilityBoy
ApalalaWater dragonBoy
ApalasinThe one who has achieved freedom from sadness and griefBoy
ApamanyuThe one who is liberated from sadness and griefBoy
ApampatiMighty God of waterBoy
ApanThe one who is bright like SunBoy
ApapatiWater GodBoy
AparInfinite; Limitless; Boundless; Endless;Boy
AparaMatchless; Unique; One who is exclusive and has no equivalentBoy
AparajitOne who cannot be conquered; Invincible; One who cannot be defeatedBoy
AparajitoName of a beautiful flower; the one who can never be defeatedBoy
AparamitInfinite; Limitless; Boundless; Endless;Boy
AparamparInfinite; Limitless; Boundless; Endless;Boy
ApareshGod Shiva's Invincible WorshipBoy
AparichitUnknown; Unexplored; Undiscovered; Unidentified;Boy
AparimitUnbounded; Independent; Free; One with no limitsBoy
AparitaA joyous individual who is also friendlyBoy
AparjithOne who always wins; Always Victorious; Invincible; Unconquerable; UndefeatableBoy
AparnesaName of Lord ShivaBoy
AparoksaThe visible one who is very bright and not beyond sightBoy
AparoopUncommon; Special; DifferentBoy
AparpreetThe one who has immense love in their heart for everyoneBoy
AparusaThe one who is free from anger and is always at peaceBoy
ApasankaThe one who is brave, fearless and strongBoy
ApaspatiThe one who is active, nice and skillfulBoy
ApasyuThe active, energetic, nice and skillfulBoy
ApatihatWithout a Match; Unique; Exclusive; One who has no equivalentBoy
ApavaAnother name of God VishnuBoy
ApceSomeone who is swift or fast in whatever he does.Boy
ApekshitDesired; Expected; Wished; Longed; CravedBoy
ApepTo slitherBoy
AperahamaFather of a mighty nationBoy
ApiFather in Rejoicing; Friend; Ally; AcquaintanceBoy
ApiatanNative American - Wooden Lance;Boy
ApigunaAn excellent human being who is master of many attributesBoy
ApijaA younger brotherBoy
ApindraA handsome boy who is a visionary; another name of God IndraBoy
ApnavanaThe who provides support with his own strong armsBoy
ApninderGod's very own childBoy
ApodA very smart and witty individual who is also importantBoy
ApolinarA medivial name belonging to the one who belongs to ApolloBoy
ApolloThe one who is very handsome and is also a name of Greek GodBoy
ApollonOld Greek - To destroy; A variant of the name ApolloBoy
ApolloniaThe one who destroysUnisex
ApolloniusOld Greek - To destroy; A variant of the name ApolloBoy
ApollosOld Greek - To destroy; A variant of the name ApolloBoy
ApolonioThe follower of ApolloBoy
ApomurtiThe one who destroys completelyBoy
AponaptirAnother name of God of Fire; grandson of waterBoy
ApoorvOne of a Kind or Rare; Unique; Exclusive; MatchlessBoy
ApoorvaQuite New; Unique; Rare; Exclusive; Matchless;Boy
ApoorveQuite New; Unique; Rare; Exclusive; Matchless;Boy
ApophisDerived from Apep which means To SlitherBoy
ApostolA pious and serious manBoy
ApostolosAn angel who is the messenger of almighty GodBoy
AppaduraiThe most suitable oneBoy
AppajiOne of many names of Lord Venkateswara of BalajiBoy
AppanOne's Own; God or FatherBoy
ApparajitoUndefeated; Unconquerable; Invincible; One who is always victoriousBoy
ApparaoGod's nameBoy
AppasamiThe master of majestic and vibrant personalityBoy
AppittaThe one born out of fireBoy
AppoThe breathBoy
AppolloThe one who is very handsome and is also a name of Greek GodBoy
ApramayaAnother name of Lord Krishna; a brilliant beingBoy
AprameyaOne of the many names of Lord KrishnaBoy
ApratiThe one who has no opponentsBoy
ApratihatWithout a Match; Unique; Exclusive; One who has no equivalentBoy
ApratimUnequalled; Unparalleled; Incomparable; Matchless; SupremeBoy
ApratipaBeyond comparisonBoy
ApratulaThe one who is beyond estimationBoy
ApremeyaInfinite; Limitless; Boundless; Endless;Boy
ApritOffering; Gift; ContributionBoy
ApritapaAnother name of Lord Vishnu; they are guardians of peopleBoy
ApriyaThe one who is not liked by people and undesirableBoy
ApsavyaAnothe name of Lord Varuna; the one living in waterBoy
ApselThe one spreading peaceBoy
ApsoName of a Sumerian God. It's also a term used for a source of fresh water.Boy
AptaThe are the reliable one who are loving beingsBoy
ApthaReliable; Trustworthy; Rigid; Unalterable;Boy
ApuPure, Virtuous, Divine, FlawlessBoy
ApulliusA patient individualBoy
ApupaThe little one; young child; a honeycombBoy
ApurbaVery Good; Never Seen BeforeBoy
ApuroopValuable; Precious; Priceless; InestimableBoy
ApurvUnparalleled; Extraordinary; Exceptional; UnmatchedBoy
ApurvaUnique; Unparalleled; Extraordinary; Exceptional; UnmatchedBoy
AputInuit word for snow.Unisex
AputsiaqAn exquisite snowflakeUnisex

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