710 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ar

AraTo see; idealistic and cursing; KingUnisex
AraOne who is strong and opinionated.Boy
AraadhakWorshipper; Devotee; Disciple; FollowerBoy
ArabA person from ArabBoy
ArabhataA brave, courageous young manBoy
ArabiaA person from ArabBoy
ArabianA person born in Arab NationsBoy
ArabickA person who is born in ArabBoy
ArabindaLotus; Another name of Lord BrahmaBoy
ArabindoA beautiful Lotus; they are derived from ArvindBoy
AracanaA praiseworthy individual who is divine lightBoy
AradhakWorshipper; Devotee; Disciple; FollowerBoy
AradhakaA holy and pure individual who worshipsBoy
AradhayaA holy saintUnisex
AradhyaTo be Worshiped; Followed; Devoted; Discipled;Boy
AraeA royal kingUnisex
ArafahA mountain near MeccaUnisex
ArafatA mountain near Mecca; recognitionBoy
ArafelFog; complex and uniqueBoy
AragaThe one who is unique, cool and without passionBoy
AragamA helpful and loyal beingBoy
AragonName of a placeBoy
AragornThe one who is a royal king and nobleBoy
ArahA traveler; the one who enjoys adventureBoy
ArahaSon of Sun; Guiding StarBoy
AraizThe one who is a born leaderBoy
ArajA pure and fragrant individualUnisex
AramA curse; They are high and exalted oneBoy
AramanasThe one who is filled with desire, pleasure and happyBoy
AramaniThe righteous oneBoy
AraminderThe one who is inclined towards GodBoy
AramisName of one of the Three Musketeers; A variant name is AiramisBoy
AranHebrew - Enlighted; mountain of strength; exalted; A variant of name AaronBoy
AranaA hard rockBoy
AranabOcean, Sea; Deepest sea; Vast; A variant of ArnavBoy
AranadhanAnother name of Lord Brahma;Boy
AranathaA God-like figure who controls timeBoy
AranavOcean, Sea; Deepest sea; Vast; A variant of ArnavBoy
AranduA progressive beingBoy
AraneriThe righteous oneBoy
AranganAnother name for Lord VishnuBoy
AransThe righteous one; a strong mountainBoy
AranyaWild Forest; it signifies fertility, abundance, plentiful, greenery, generosityBoy
AranyakWild Forest; it signifies fertility, abundance, plentiful, greenery, generosityBoy
AranyakaThe green lush forestBoy
AranzA romantic individualBoy
ArapetaNoble and famous. A famous man.Boy
AraratSacred Land or High LandBoy
AraruThe one shows no mercyBoy
ArasAras river. It's also the name of an Armenian historical figure.Boy
ArasanA true and noble kingBoy
ArashA bright, truthful boyBoy
ArashTruthfulness and righteousness. It's also the name of a famous archer of ancient Iran.Boy
ArasmatA versatile, artistic boy: A person who appreciates and spontaneousBoy
ArastiAdorned. It's the name of Zarathushtra's uncle and the father of Mediomah.Boy
ArastooAristotle; the one with fantastic purposeBoy
ArasuA true and noble kingBoy
Arata (あらた)A fresh and new individualBoy
ArathornA royal king; an EagleBoy
AravPeaceful; Beautiful; Incredible; ExtraordinaryBoy
AravaananThe right oneBoy
AravaliRighteous; Morally Correct; Virtuous; Name of a HillBoy
AravanRighteous; Morally Correct; Virtuous; Name son of Arjuna in The MahabharatBoy
AravananThe holder of morality and righteousnessBoy
AravaraiyanHandsome; Beautiful; Pleasing; Appealing; Worthy; Charming; DelightfulBoy
AravindLotus; One with beautiful eyes; One of the many names of Lord VishnuBoy
AravindaA white Lotus flowerBoy
AravindhA white Lotus flower; pure and specialBoy
AravindhanLotus; One with beautiful eyes; One of the many names of Lord VishnuBoy
AravIndianA rare white Lotus flowerBoy
AraviniSound made by tinklingBoy
ArawaostraOne who possesses a white stallion.Boy
ArawindaLotus; One with beautiful eyes; One of the many names of Lord VishnuBoy
ArawnLord of underworldBoy
ArayaA noble, wise kingBoy
ArayshAn overshadowerBoy
ArazName of a riverUnisex
ArbaazA mighty EagleBoy
ArbabThe supreme masterBoy
ArbadA mighty Lion or a SnakeBoy
ArbanA fluent manUnisex
ArbeeAn emotional personUnisex
ArbilayaFrom ArbilBoy
ArbindarThe one who is of giving natureBoy
ArbinderLord of Lotus flowerBoy
ArbinderjeetA person who graceful and is victoriousBoy
ArbinderpaulThe one who protects LotusBoy
ArbinderpreetThe one who loves and protects LotusBoy
ArborA seller of herbsBoy
ArbudaA huge mountainBoy
ArbudiThe one who is born from a tumourBoy
ArcaThe one who shine and is adoredBoy
ArcadioA paradiseBoy
ArcangeloAn angel who is the messenger of almighty GodBoy
ArcatThe one who is very simple, brilliant and happyBoy
ArcausThe one who is responsible and strictBoy
ArcebaldusA responsible, strict and strong beingBoy
ArchaPujan; Worship; Prayer; DevoteBoy

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