713 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ar

ArdhendumauliAnother name of Lord ShivaBoy
ArdhendushekharAnother name of Lord Shiva; a protectorBoy
ArdianThe one belonging to Illyrian tribeBoy
ArditThe golden dayBoy
ArdleighThe one which rises from a meadowBoy
ArdleyEnglish - Ardent Meadow; Variant names are Ardlea, Ardleah, Ardlee etcBoy
ArdlyThe one arising from a meadowBoy
ArdoThe one who judges othersUnisex
ArdolfHome Loving Wolf; A variant of the name ArdwolfBoy
ArdolphHome Loving Wolf; A variant of the name ArdwolfBoy
ArdonHebrew - Bronze; Latin - Green Forest; A variant of name ArdenBoy
ArdsleyThe one arising from a meadowBoy
ArdvanThe protector of holiness in Zoroastrian religion.Boy
ArdwahishtBest holiness. Also one of the seven Amahraspands meaning archangels.Boy
ArdwolfHome Loving WolfBoy
AreCeltic - Stone, Bear; Germanic - Thor, The Eagle; A variant of name ArthurBoy
AreebAn intelligent, wise personBoy
AreefA special. intelligent personBoy
AreehahDestroyer of Enemies; Protector;Boy
AreenThe one who has the strength of a mountainBoy
AreesA hardworking farmerBoy
AreezA hard working leaderUnisex
ArefKnowing; Knowledgeable; Wise; Intelligent; Sage;Boy
ArekHebrew - Enlighted; mountain of strength; A variant of name AaronBoy
AreleYiddish form of Aaron, meaning mountain.Boy
AreliA visionary; the one who spreads lightBoy
ArenA mighty and majestic EagleBoy
ArendGermanic - Eagle Ruler; Hebrew - Enlighted; mountain of strength; A variant of name AaronBoy
ArendtA powerful and majestic EagleBoy
ArentGermanic - Eagle Ruler; Hebrew - Enlighted; mountain of strength; A variant of name AaronBoy
ArenuThe one not belonging to planet EarthBoy
AresGreek - Best, Excellent; Latin - Ram; A variant of name AriesBoy
AretasA virtuous human beingBoy
ArethusaName of a river godBoy
ArezouA desirable, wishful human beingBoy
ArfaaA sublime and superb individualUnisex
ArfanAn intelligent, wise personBoy
ArgaeusThe one who givesBoy
ArgaiosGlistening and shining.Boy
ArganjanThe one who offersBoy
ArgentA prized treasureBoy
ArgentoThe one filled with treasures and richesBoy
ArghaThe one who is of Reddish color; valueBoy
ArghyaOffering to the Lord; WorshipBoy
ArgiusA rational personBoy
ArgosThe one who shinesBoy
ArgusThe one who sees all and is majesticBoy
ArgustusRoman King who is idealisticBoy
ArgyleRuler of GaulsBoy

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