34 Baby Boy Names That Start With Arv

ArvaFastest Motion Wind; Moving Air;Boy
ArvacinaTurned towardsBoy
ArvadExiler, voyager; name of a Phoenician cityBoy
ArvaklName of a mythical horse.Boy
ArvalanLovable; Dear; Beloved;Boy
ArvanOne of the Moon's Horses; Righteous; Morally Correct; VirtuousBoy
ArvanaQuick, agileBoy
ArvavasanBorne by horseBoy
ArvavasuPriest of GodBoy
ArveInheritor of property, eagle treeBoy
ArvedEagle treeBoy
ArvelWelsh - Wept Over; Arval is a variant of name ArvelBoy
ArvenBattle worthy or carnage worthyBoy
ArviFresh Water or Green WaterBoy
ArvidForest of eaglesBoy
ArvieEnglish - Friend of the People; Old Norse - Eagle Tree; A variant of name ArvidBoy
ArvilCried over; one who delegates the detailBoy
ArvinFriend to all; a friend of the EagleBoy
ArvindaLotus; One with beautiful eyes; One of the many names of Lord VishnuBoy
ArvinderA person who is the divine lord of horsesBoy
ArvinderaA Sikh who is the lord of the wheelsBoy
ArvinderjeetAn Indian name meaning the lord of horses or wheelsBoy
ArvinderpalPreserver of lotusBoy
ArvindraA red Lotus flower; flower-like eyesBoy
ArviragusSon of Belarius; a popular beingBoy
ArvisEnglish - Friend of the People; A variant of name ArvinBoy
ArvishFreedom lovingBoy
ArvoFinnish - Value; WorthBoy
ArvonEnglish - Friend of the People; A variant of name ArvinBoy
ArvudaOne who can influence others; clever and technical; A wanderer who is a lovable person; quick oneBoy
ArvyFriend of the peopleBoy

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